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Almost Half of Sweden is Living in Fear of Terror Attack, Study Finds

Sweden Attack

On April 7th 2017, Sweden got it’s first terror attack since the bombings in Stockholm, December 11th 2010. Five people were killed in the attack, and at least fifteen were injured (nine seriously injured).

A Recap of Sweden’s Last Terror Attack…

The truck was hijacked a few blocks away from the crime scene, and was driven at high speed for 500 metres until it crashed into the perfume section of Åhlens and caught fire. Five people were confirmed killed. Four of them (two Swedish women, one British male and one Dutch woman) were killed in the attack, and one Swedish woman died on 28th of April in hospital.

The Terrorist

The terrorist is a 39-year-old man from Uzbekistan named Rakhmat Akilov. He sought asylum in 2014, but was denied it in June 2016 when the Swedish Migration Agency decided to expel him. When it could not be executed, a warrant for the man’s arrest was issued by the police on February 24th.

On the Monday, three days after the attack, Rakhmat Akilov was arrested on probable cause, suspected of terrorism. The following day, Akilov admitted guilt and agreed to be arrested. Police confirmed that the suspect was a jihadist sympathiser and supporter of ISIS. As of now, no terror group has claimed responsibility.

Sweden Attack

On Sunday, 23th of April the police arrested a second suspect in connection with the attack. The suspect was later freed to go.

Manifestation of Love

Two days after the attack, there was a large manifestation of love on Sergels torg, close to the crime scene on Drottninggatan. Tens of thousands gathered to show their love and support and to honour the victims with a moment of silence.

Almost Half of the Population is Scared of a New Attack, Study Finds

Almost half of the Swedish population are afraid of new terror attacks, a study finds. The study was carried out by Novus, on behalf of SVT, between May 4th and 10th, 2017. SD-sympathisers are the most worried out of the eight parties in the parliament, the study finds. The survey was conducted in the Novus Sveriges panel with 1045 interviews in a parliamentary representative selection of the ages 18 to 79 years.

The study found that:

  • 42% of Swedes are very or rather worried about another terrorist attack against Sweden.
  • 26% are not worried.
  • The rest are unsure.

The figures are almost identical to the Monday after the terrorist attacks in Stockholm.

A Short Summary From the Study

“Looking at historical figures on a similar question, “How worried are you for a terrorist attack in Sweden?”, The numbers are very stable. Oron has increased a little, but only marginally. Above all, the proportion that is very worried has increased by 5 percentage points.”

“Women are more worried than men. Older children younger than younger. Outside the metropolitan areas, concerns are greater. In Stockholm, the proportion is quite worried higher than the rest of the country. But not the proportion that is very worried. The proportion that is not worried at all is the largest in Norrland.”


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