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The Guardian Gas Lighting Conservatives Over November 4 Protests

Guardian November 4

The Guardian recently accused accused US conservatives of inventing a new conspiracy theory of a November 4 communist insurrection.  Their story rests on conservative media outlets reporting on published plans by “Refuse Fascism”  and “Revolutionary Communist Party of USA”.  Despite conservatives clearly anchoring their concerns on actual threats, The Guardian rubbish the idea on the grounds that conservatives are confusing “Revolutionary Communists” with Antifa.


To the observer on the ground however, this seems to be a distinction without a difference.  The Revolutionary Communists sponsored widespread protests across the US in recent times.  In 2014 the Revolutionary Communists became involved in the Michael Brown Protests, causing some tension with Black Lives Matters organisers, who accused the Revolutionary communists of attempting to incite a riot.

“Over the last few days, a great deal of the social media chatter on the crisis has identified another group increasing the tension: the Revolutionary Communist Party. RCP members, as the rumor goes, have parachuted into Ferguson and are trying to incite a riot.

In the Summer of 2016, they were involved in several multiple day actions with Black Lives Matter, blocking freeways, and throwing objects at police.  Dozens of activists were arrested, and one was hit by a car while trying to block traffic.

The Revolutionary Communists are promising a revolution.  Refuse Fascism promise “mass protests on November 4th and continuing until this regime is gone”.   If communists promise “Insurrection until the government is overturned”  summarising these threats as “promises of civil war” do not seem overblown.

Shortly after the 2016 presidential election, billionaire Gorge Soros donated $10 million to “fight hate crimes”.  This money was interpreted to have funded widespread Antifa rampaging through US streets in late 2016 and early 2017. In mid-October, He donated $18 Billion (with a “B”) to his open societies foundation well known for funding Antifa and related groups. If some of this money is contributed to “Refuse Fascism” and the “Revolutionary Communists”, it could fund professional protesters for months, or even years.


The Guardian made a bold gambit calling the November 4 actions an alt-right conspiracy theory.  It’s unclear what sort of death or destruction will be required for them to issue a retraction.  Just in case they choose to delete or modify the article, an archived version can be found here.

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