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Grooming Gangs View British Girls as “Easy Meat”

Islamic grooming

There’s no denying the tremendous scale of the Islamic paedophile grooming gangs that plague Britain. Ever since the first convictions were made back in 2012, it’s been revealed that there are many more shadowy rings lurking in the disadvantaged corners of Albion. From Oxford to Colchester to Manchester, vast networks of Islamic paedophiles conspire to rape and groom young girls. They pass them around like meat. “Easy meat”.


It was ex-Home Secretary Jack Straw (one of the architects of our current culturally enriched nation) who said “There’s a particular problem involving Pakistani heritage men who target young, vulnerable, white English girls.” He also then went on to say that the Islamic grooming gangs saw these vulnerable girls as “easy meat”.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Islamic men, who are in this country through our misguided altruism, take advantage of us and see our girls as “easy meat”. Nothing more than a target to be raped and passed on to their brothers.

It has been calculated that a “British” Muslim male is 170 times more likely to be involved in a grooming gang than a native Briton. This can be humorously contrasted against one of the Rochdale Islamic rapists saying “It’s all white lies. Shame on the police. You’re looking for scapegoats. Where are the white people?” I’ll tell you where the white people are. They’re comforting their daughters who have been passed around like a fleshlight. They’re scheduling therapy sessions. They’re wondering to themselves at night “Where did I go wrong?”. That’s where they are. It would also be prudent to add that they’re not raping kids, as there has never been a similar situation where white men have organised together to prey on Muslim girls.



Of course this has a religious justification. Throughout history and going back to the primordial stages of Islam, child rape has been a cornerstone of the faith – to the point where Muhammad, who had sex with a 9 year old girl (note: 9 year old girls are incapable of consent no matter the time period) is idolised as a hero.

Naturally, the Guardian jumped to the defence of the Islamic paedophiles and dedicated a significant portion of the article to bashing the “far right”. I ask this question sincerely: Is it now considered an extreme view to be against Islamic rapists systemically grooming children? Because it shouldn’t be.

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