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Grenfell Tower: Tragedy Isn’t A Valid Defence For Flouting Immigration Law

Illegal immigration is not a victim-less crime

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire in London, that saw a Soviet-style tower block burned to a crisp, leftist and liberal campaigners have seized upon an opportunity to further their attack on immigration laws.

Labour’s shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has called for full amnesty for victims of the fire, saying that the government’s ‘partial measures’ do not go far enough. The Labour Party’s official position is that all illegal immigrants who were living in the tower block should be granted “indefinite leave to remain” in the country.

Similarly Doctors Of The World, a leftist group masquerading as a medical association, have declared that “immigration and healthcare are two separate issues”. They say in the British Medical Journal that people should not be afraid to go to hospital because of their immigration status.

This is a ridiculous sentiment typical of the present liberal climate.

Being the victim of a tragedy is not an excuse for flouting due legal process. Had these people been murderers or rapists or thieves, would the defence “I was in a big fire” really stand up in court?

No, of course it wouldn’t.

It just so happens that a large disaster such as the Grenfell Tower fire, where having lists of names to account for all victims and survivors is imperative, is conducive for rooting out the criminals in our midst.

Breaking immigration law is a serious offence, like smuggling or tax evasion. It is by no means a victim-less crime. Those who say that it is might care to ask the British worker how he feels about his wages being undercut by illegal immigrants who can be employed for less than the legal minimum wage.

They may also care to ask how the average Briton feels about being taxed to the hilt on all of his purchases, to offset the losses in tax receipts brought about by black market transactions.

The truth of the matter is that illegal immigration has the potential to ruin the lives of the native population, not just economically but culturally too. Breaking immigration law is often a gateway crime that leads people into modern day slavery, people trafficking and prostitution.

This crime must not be tolerated and we must stress in the strongest possible terms that being the victim of circumstance and misfortune does not exempt one from the law.

Those who say otherwise and worse, those politicians and judges that fail to uphold the law, are culpable in very serious crimes indeed. The economic and cultural harm that they are perpetrating on the average British man and woman must never be forgotten.

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