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Greek Government Seeks to Appropriate Private Land for Migrants

Greek government wants to give migrants free land

In a worrying development coming from the epicentre of the ‘migrant crisis’, the Greek government has announced that it’s considering expropriating private land and essentially giving it to illegal immigrants for free.

The Ministry for Migration Policy and the Ministry for Rural Development are working hand-in-hand to set up jobs programs for migrants. They’re of the mind that giving illegal immigrants something for nothing is the best way to combat criminal tendencies and black market activity.

This new initiative comes as part of the Greek and wider European push for integration measures in an attempt to cope with the massive inflows the continent has seen from Africa and the Middle-East.

Initially, the “land concession” program as it’s dubiously named, will provide between 1,000 and 1,500 migrants with land. This is to provide migrants with ‘basic communication and professional skills, particularly in the agriculture sector’.

Apparently the Greek government has forgotten that 22.5% of its own people are currently unemployed, or that it hasn’t the money to even secure basic pensions for its own elderly folk. Nonetheless, they feel it appropriate to confiscate farmers’ land, despite the rural communities being amongst the hardest hit by the country’s debt crisis.

And of course, they are clearly oblivious to the fact that the suicide rate in Greece has risen 33% since the debt crisis began, with families unable to feed their children and men unable to find dignified work. That’s not the priority; instead, the government of Greece is taking even more from their own people and simply giving it to migrants.

Greece has been at the centre of the migrant crisis for the last few years, with a European elite too arrogant to offer any real assistance and Greek government incompetence that makes Justin Trudeau appear statesmanlike ensuring the country now resembles a giant debtors’ prison of sorts.

Just a few months ago, the Greek government agreed to yet another “bailout” deal, further enslaving their people into the endless, usurious debt cycle to the tune of €8.5bn.

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