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The Great Replacement and Why It Should Worry You

Like many Europeans, I can trace my family line to within my own nation. Aside from a small amount of French and Germanic descent, all of my ancestors are ethnically British. I can trace where they came from too. One line comes from beautiful Rutland, and another from the rolling hills of the Cotswolds. Thankfully these places haven’t been blighted by mass immigration just yet, with a white population of 98% and 99% respectively. Hell, the only foreigners you’ll see in Bourton-on-the-Water are Chinese tourists, and they bring in masses of money to the area without irreversibly changing the culture. They aren’t causing the great replacement.

But what if these beautiful areas were to change drastically?

Now, the odds of this happening in Rutland are low, for now. With a fertility rate of 2.81 children per female (!!!), the pleasant East Midlands county looks set to remain a bastion of the British people and our culture. But let’s take a look at the bigger picture. The county as a whole has a fertility rate far below the replacement rate (although it is still one of the highest in Europe). Britain is 87% native British. In London, our people are on the verge of losing the title of dominant ethnicity. We have already lost it in many boroughs. The cities which our kin built have been lost, their culture changed. The cockney accent has all but been evicted from the capital. And this is a travesty.

British culture is inseparable from the British people. As a people group, we should be worried. The general consensus among scientists is that the British race is primarily descended from the original settlers of the island. Our ancestors have thus lived here for millennia. Yet, we are being denied our identity by mass immigration, and the successive governments that are complicit. We are told that there is no such thing as the British race as we are all mixed between numerous ethnic groups. At the same time, they try to tell us Suleiman and Abdul who arrived in Britain just yesterday are as British as you or I. We must, to use the slang term, become “woke” to this. At any and every opportunity, we must be aware and make others aware of society’s attempts to quash our identity, and our government’s attempts to undermine our people by bringing in these false Britons.


But let’s get back to the title. Why should this worry you? The common nihilistic argument against cultural preservation goes along the lines of “dude lol why does mass immigration matter”. It matters because our ancestors have been here for thousands of years. They’ve built a nation, a history, a culture to be proud of. The immigrants have no right to occupy the land forged by our kin. When confronted with this, the nihilist will resort to the following argument: “but why have pride in your ancestors? you shouldn’t take pride in the accomplishment of others!”. Would our ancestors have not thought, at every major decision, “How will this benefit my children, and their children?” It’s safe to assume they did. I am incredibly happy that my ancestors decided to take consecutive risks, which gave me this comfortable yet dignified upper working class life. I take pride in my family’s accomplishments, for we are family.

You should be worried by the Great Replacement because it amounts to the government and the nihilists throwing away our history and trampling on our people, for a slight economic benefit and a quick high, much like a common junkie.

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