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Globalist Conspiracy: Crush Online Nationalism


Since Billionaire TV Star Donald Trump defeated the vastly experienced and ‘qualified’ Hilary Clinton, the globalists have waged a war against Nationalist influencers on multiple online platforms.

Let us not underestimate the enormity of the shockwave that the election sent through the globalist establishment. Trump was 200/1 just to win the Republican Nomination – to a betting man’s mind, that means no chance. Fake News Agencies and the corrupt pollsters were all saying he couldn’t win, right up until he did. The shock was worse because none of them saw it coming. Like how a sucker punch always hurts more than a punch you can see coming.

What has followed in the 9 months since the election, is a systematic and coordinated attack on the relative freedom of the internet – they believe that people like us helped Trump win by subverting and challenging the power of the mainstream press. We were in a position to influence the election because we developed our own platforms. We had to do this because they refused us a platform via the MSM. Therefore, the reality is that they created us. Now we’ve become too powerful, so they want to silence us completely, so another 2016 doesn’t come along. A Nationalist awakening.

People like Paul Joseph Watson possess more influence than a newspaper and associated website, his reach is also international. Those people with large audiences are able to successfully challenge and dismantle the narrative. Media is now mobile – the technology is there via the smartphone revolution to put your views into somebody’s hand, wherever they are in the world and during whatever they’re doing. People can be red-pilled, during their commute, during their lunch-break, in their bed, or in the bathroom. This makes content producers dangerous to the prevailing power structures.

Twitter has been locked in a struggle to ‘clean up’ the platform for some time, adding features which provide sensitive leftists with the ability to censor tweets they’d rather not see. Twitter has now introduced a system whereby a complainant gets an email acknowledgement if they manage to get an account closed. This has incentivised the reporting procedure and encouraged leftists to abuse the system with malicious reporting. Last year, I was involved in an international chat where we discussed how to combat globalist narratives and coordinate Pro-Trump activity, there were around 25 participants, with an enormous combined reach – since Trump’s victory and Twitter’s subsequent clamp-down, 100% of those accounts have been permanently suspended. I have no evidence to suggest that Twitter monitors the DM facility, but I don’t think it’s conspiracy theory to suggest that they do.

YouTube has now moved to demonetise videos which it deems to be in violation of its new rules. Videos which are penalised under these new rules cannot be embedded elsewhere, they cannot be liked and most importantly, they cannot be monetised. You’ll not be surprised to learn that it appears to be right-wing or patriotic content-creators who’re being targeted. In fact, the very first video which was targeted, was a video about the scientific research which established a link between Race and IQ. There are even cases were YouTube have enforced their new rules retrospectively, on videos which were posted many years prior to the new rules. This is a more serious prong of the attack, because some of these influencers rely on YouTube income to make a living – the globalists know this, so the end result is that influencers have to abandon their work and join the normie rat-race – literally put out of business by arbitrary and nefarious policies.

Such is the ferocity of the new rules, that Twitter even censored The perfectly innocent, civic – nationalist song ‘Make America Great Again’, by African-American singer Joy Villa.

As suspensions across platforms ramped up, tech entrepreneurs attempted to to setup alternatives. is a Twitter-like micro-blogging platform that has recently managed to crowd-fund $1m via a share issue. Not long after this announcement, Google decided to withdraw Gab’s Android app from the Play Store, offering the hilariously pathetic justification that it was a ‘Hate Speech App’ because it allows total freedom of speech.

Facebook, which has long been hostile towards nationalist content, and who will ban seemingly innocent pictures of White women in wheat fields, has recently been reported for banning 10,000 anti-Merkel accounts in the run up to the German election. Merkel, you will recall, has openly called for social media to stop Nationalists from organising online, in the wake of the reaction to her disastrous migration policy.

In Britain, outspoken populist and Trump cheerleader, Katie Hopkins, was removed from one of the UK’s largest radio stations. No specific reason was given. However, it’s understood that Owen Jones conspired with senior media figures at The Independent and The Guardian to lobby LBC boss Terry London. To add insult to injury, Owen Jones then became a presenter at the station.

nationalistWe’ve seen all of this before. Prior to the exponential growth of online media, far-left groups would pressure traditional media and event holders to ‘no-platform’ Nationalist voices. This is no-platforming for the 21st century, in the digital age. With one major difference, globalists have roped in massive, private-sector mega-corps to help them. The upside is that this tactic is an admission that we beat them at their own game, with a fraction of the resources.

Nick Lowles, the boss of Hope Not Hate, the UK’s foremost anti – nationalist group, recognised the failure of the globalist left to counter the successful strategies of the AltRight. HNH now runs funding campaigns similar to those of groups like Britain First. If you dare to visit their website, you’ll see the structure and theme are familiar to sites on our side of the divide.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of this worldwide attack, has been the shocking move by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to effectively ban the ‘Daily Stormer’ from the internet. Combined with an attack by GoDaddy and the cowardly decision of Cloudflare to remove DDoS protection from the site, just a handful of companies have demonstrated that they have too much unchecked power over the internet and its content. A power which is now being marshalled against the last remaining bastions of vocal objection to relentless globalism – today the Daily Stormer, tomorrow Breitbart.

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