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Globalism Strikes Again: Nestlé Cuts 300 Workers, Moves Production Abroad

This morning, confectionery manufacturer Nestlé announced that they will be cutting 300 jobs in the United Kingdom as a result of moving the production of their Blue Riband biscuit bar to Poland.

Both Unite and GMB unions have voiced their sternest protests against the move, yet as per usual the Marxist-controlled unions fail to attack the root cause of the problem; globalisation.

One does not need to be overly cynical to realise that Nestlé are seizing an opportunity to cut costs and maximise profit. The move is motivated solely by the fact that Polish workers are cheaper than British workers, as was Cadbury’s move to Eastern Europe last year.

Thanks to Britain’s membership of the European Union and therefore, the common market, the British government cannot impose any punitive measures on Nestlé to prevent the job losses or punish the company for them. Instead, the market rules dictate we must allow them to, potentially, destroy the livelihoods of 300 workers and their families yet continue to sell their overpriced biscuits back into the UK free of charge.

This is the reality of the globalisation process; giant corporations can essentially shop around Europe and the globe for the cheapest workers. Despite our government’s treacherous policy of importing millions of immigrants to depress wages in the UK, clearly it is not enough for the vultures at Nestlé, thus they have gone shopping and found a bargain in the east.

To further add insult to injury, Swiss-based Nestlé pay no corporation tax in the United Kingdom, but instead pay the remarkably low 8.5% profit tax in Switzerland.

This is a company that contributes absolutely nothing to the public purse in the United Kingdom, despite having multiple factories here and therefore deriving much of their profit here. Instead, they and other corporations take advantage of the tariff-free single European market to have their biscuit and eat it – if one may excuse the pun – by shopping around for the cheapest workers and lowest corporation tax.

As we all know, European economic policy is made by the 30,000-plus corporate lobbyists made in Brussels, that are estimated to hold influence over 80% of laws proposed by the Commission. This is why such a supranational market is doomed to fail, because you can bet your livelihood Nestlé have their fair share of lobbyists in the ears of the Commission to ensure that these rules remain in place.

If the British government truly cared for the workers of their nation, they would ensure that Nestlé do not save a single penny from this cynical ploy to maximise profits. This could involve high import levies on Blue Riband products, or, should they subsequently refuse to sell into our market, a seizure of their operations in Britain without compensation.

Nobody on the left nor the right is prepared to take on these corporations, so it calls for a third political force to attack the problem at the source!

It is about time we stopped pandering to the false song of globalism, and it is about time we put our own people before the interests of giant capitalists.



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