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19-yr-old Girl Slaughtered in Islamic Honour Killing

Girl Killed and Stuffed into a Freezer - Islamic

A 19-yr-old girl was butchered and stuffed into a freezer in a suspected Islamic honour killing, whilst her cousin fled from the scene with a slit throat.

On Wednesday evening, Police found the girl’s body peppered with stab-wounds inside a large ‘American-style’ freezer at an expensive property in Kingston-on-Thames, London.

The second victim – who it is believed was kidnapped with the teen girl – tried to raise the alarm with neighbours, before arriving at A and E with multiple knife wounds, including a slice across her neck. Her current condition is described as serious.

A 33-yr-old  Muslim man was later caught in the port of Dover trying to flee the country in the wake of the savage attack, and charged with murder and attempted murder. A 2nd Muslim man, believed to be an accomplice, was also detained in New Maldon.

Despite neighbours and community members informing the police and press that this was an Islamic honour-killing, the police have refused to confirm  this, stating that they are ‘keeping an open mind’ on the motive behind the killing.

Locals informed reporters that the girls had become involved with a Muslim gang and her family members had reacted badly when she planned to marry one of the men involved in the gang.

This comes after the Evening Standard revealed that ‘honour crimes’ in London have surged more than 40% over the past 5 years, with 1083 reported to Scotland Yard.

A Freedom Charity spokesman said:

“These figures are shocking and to think this is happening in London in the 21st century is abhorrent, barbaric and wrong.”

Honour violence is linked to cultural practices not found in Europe before the widespread, mass migration of people mainly from the Middle-East and Pakistan.

Of the 1083 cases of honour violence reported, 980 cases (90.4%) represented women and men described as Asian, Egyptian, Afro-Caribbean and “Dark European” by the Metropolitan Police.

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