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Girl, 15, Raped By ‘Asian Man’… Then Raped AGAIN By Another ‘Asian’ Whom She Asked For Help

Women Two Separate Asian Men Rape Same Girl

In a particularly disturbing case of sexual violence, a 15-year-old girl was raped by an Asian male then raped again by a total stranger whom she had asked for help.

Police have said that the first incident took place between 7pm on Tuesday night and 1am on Wednesday morning. The young girl was walking with her friend to Witton Station in Birmingham, before being ‘led away’ by the first assailant.

After the first horrific attack had taken place, the victim then sought help from passers by. Another man, with no apparent connection to the first assailant, invited the girl into his car where she thought she had found refuge.

However the second man, also described as Asian, proceeded to rape her too.

For a moment, put yourself in the victim’s shoes. Here we have a young girl, violated and brutalised by some sweaty Asian predator, who sought the goodwill of strangers only to find herself being brutally raped yet again by another Asian male.

This underage girl is somebody’s daughter; somebody’s pride and joy. She was afraid and alone and she just wanted somebody to help her, but instead, she faced yet more horrific trauma.

How can you expect a girl of such a young age to ever recover from 1 violent rape, let alone 2 in quick succession?

Predictably, the British police are utterly clueless as to who could be responsible.

“We are now doing all we can to trace the people responsible and bring them to justice,” claimed Detective Chief Inspector Tony Fitzpatrick of the British Transport Police. These are words that the British people have known to take with much cynicism.

If only the police put half as much effort into finding the perpetrators of horrific crimes like this as they do in hounding people who commit “hate crimes” on the internet, then the perpetrators would be behind bars already.

But as we are all too aware, a case such as this comes with ‘sensitivities’ – code for “it’s not politically correct to properly investigate this crime because the perpetrators are brown”.

In the most high-profile cases of racially motivated sexual abuse such as the Rotherham grooming gangs scandal, public officials have been complicit in a failure to raise awareness for fear of straying from the pro-diversity narrative.

There are potentially hundreds of thousands of young white girls who have been let down because of this. It is about time we said enough is enough and refuse to allow this latest victim to simply become another statistic.

This must stop. Now.

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