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German Authorities Confiscate Private Property To House Migrants


In an unprecedented attack on basic property rights, authorities in the German city of Hamburg have begun expropriating private property in order to house migrants.

In recent weeks, Hamburg authorities have seized six residential properties in the Hamm district, close to the city centre. The properties have been vacant since 2012 and are in need of repair, but they are, nonetheless, owned by a private landlord.

The legal foundation for this move comes from an amendment made in 2012, and by the leftist government of Hamburg, to the 1982 Hamburg Housing Protection Act, which allows the confiscation of private residential property that has been vacant for four months or more.

A trustee has been appointed to oversee the renovation of the properties and, eventually, to rent them out to tenants of the state’s choosing. Given that the only population growth in Hamburg is as a result of the 400 migrants-per-day currently entering the city, it is not difficult to predict who these mysterious new tenants shall be.

Seizures such as these are being celebrated by various leftist charities, some of whom have created online tools for citizens to report vacant property to the state in order for it to be given over to migrants. The left-wing SPD (Social Democratic Party) and the Green Party of Hamburg have also set up a hotline for residents to report vacant properties to the state, as part of a strange Stasi-esqe denunciation procedure.

Idiot liberals welcome migrants who will take their homes.

The confiscation of vacant commercial property has been practised by authorities across Germany since the height of the so-called migrant crisis in 2015, using them to house the ongoing inflow of migrants and fake refugees. However, this recent expropriation of private residential property is the first of its kind in Germany, and is said to be aimed at frightening other landlords into giving up their property portfolios to the state, or alternatively, leasing them out to migrants.

A similar move was attempted in Berlin, yet that time it was deemed “unconstitutional” by the German courts.

Expect the backlash against migrants to grow as a result of this violation of basic rights.

This latest development is just further proof that there are no limits to the existing political establishment’s contempt for the rights of its own people. As ever, the rights of non-European migrants are elevated to a status above that of native Germans and Europeans to ensure the replacement of our people continues unabated.

Not content with enacting laws that give non-Europeans preferential treatment in the job market, not content with locking up those who dare to criticise the migrant influx, they delve further into the depths of illegality to now deny us even the basic rights of private property.

Perhaps it is my Anglo-Saxon sensibilities showing through, but there are certain rights that a state simply should never interfere with; one of the most important of these natural rights is the right to do with one’s private property whatever one pleases. It should never be down to the state who a landlord does or doesn’t choose to rent out their property to.

If they are willing to confiscate private residential property under landlord ownership, how long will it be before you are told you must house a migrant in your spare bedroom? How long before you are forced to move to a smaller home to make way for the booming (pun intended) families of “the new Europeans”?

The debate about the role of the state in these circumstances can be debated ad infinitum, but one thing is absolutely certain; you cannot trust the state whilst its power is held by usurpers and globalist traitors.


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