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Germany: Afghan Migrants Arrested for Raping Homeless Woman

Afghan migrants arrested raped homeless woman Munich

Two Afghan migrants have been arrested in the German city of Hamburg on suspicion of raping a 46-year-old homeless woman.

On 26th February this year, the homeless woman was reportedly beaten and sexually abused by the two men. The attack took place late in the evening under Lombards Bridge.

The vulnerable female victim, who is yet unnamed by the media, was left needing hospital treatment.

Despite being provided with accurate descriptions of the attackers by the victim, it’s taken Hamburg police over 6-months to locate and arrest the suspects. This is further evidence that the German authorities have totally lost control of the migrant crisis.

The suspects, aged 16 and 20 respectively, appear to have been living in Hamburg the entire time, right under the noses of the authorities.

There is also a suspicion that the police only located the suspects after they’d been involved in another crime, totally separate to these investigations.

Germany has played host to over 1.7 million third world migrants since the crisis began, which has resulted in an epidemic of sexual violence in towns and cities the length and breadth of the country.

Sadly, the story of vulnerable women and girls being brutalised and raped by migrant men is becoming all to familiar.


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