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Germany: Iraqi Refugee Arrested Following 119 Crimes in 4 Months

Iraqi Refugee Arrested

An Iraqi refugee was arrested by federal police in Erfurt on Wednesday revealing a 4 month crime spree totalling 119 offences, an average of 1 offence per day.

Immigration and Customs Enforcers in Leipzig were alerted of the 19-year old by a train attendant following the youth’s refusal to purchase a train ticket. Identification of the man revealed that this was no isolated incident and the latest of a litany of criminal offences from fair dodging to theft.

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Thuringian officials have asked for an accelerated procedure given the number & frequency of offences. The youth is scheduled to be brought before a court, the prosecution being lead by The Erfurt’s Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The Federal Police have not commented and it is still unknown how the authorities repeatedly failed to put the offender behind bars.

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