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Germany: Die Linke Demands Nationalists Are Arrested!

Die Linke wants nationalists arrested.

According to figures requested by Die Linke and released by the German Interior Ministry, there are as many as 600 outstanding arrest warrants for 462 ‘far-right extremists’.

The data was released following a parliamentary enquiry by Die Linke (The Left), the successor party to the SED, which ruled East Germany until 1990. According to Die Linke parliamentarian Ulla Jelpke, these figures prove the existence of an “established Nazi underground”, and the party have demanded they all be arrested immediately.

Interestingly, the largest proportion of these warrants (106) are connected to ‘politically-motivated crimes’, which in Germany these days can be anything from liking an anti-Merkel/migrant/refugee Facebook post, to firebombing a Synagogue.

Ulla Jelpke, the Domestic Affairs spokesperson for Die Linke, this is the most troubling thing there is to discuss amongst political circles. Never mind the fact that migrants are raping their way across Germany, the most important thing of course is to shut down opposition speech.

“I find the high number of fugitive neo-Nazis who have evaded arrest for a long period of time extremely disturbing,” Jelpke said – literally shaking.

This is just the latest nationalist-related news to provoke a scandal amongst the German political elites, and it comes in the aftermath of the discovery that there are hundreds of “Nazis” in the Bundeswehr (German Army).

Back in April, the Defence Ministry of the Merkel regime launched an investigation into 275 “suspected cases of right-wing extremism” in the armed forces. Just weeks prior to this, a plot was uncovered whereby a soldier had supposedly planned to assassinate political figures and blame it on Syrian refugees.

According to a 16-page report published as a result of the investigation, soldiers have been reportedly performing the Roman Salute, shouting “heil Hitler” and collecting memorabilia from the National Socialist era, including Wehrmacht helmets and propaganda posters.



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