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Germany: ‘Arab-Looking’ Male Rapes 68-Year-Old Woman

'Arab-Looking' Male Rapes 68-Year-Old

A manhunt is underway in Velbert, North Rhine-Westphalia, after a man described as being of ‘Arab appearance’ violently raped a 68-year-old woman in her own apartment, leaving her with severe injuries.

Little is known about the suspect except the picture that police artists have generated based upon his description. He is also described as speaking German devoid of any regional accent.

The unknown assailant forced his way into the woman’s apartment at around 9.30pm local time yesterday evening, where he then proceeded to ‘brutally torture and rape’ her.

The victim has been admitted to hospital, such is the extent of her injuries.

The perpetrator has been described as 20 to 25 years’ old of Arabic appearance. The only other information the police have provided to the pubic is that he stands at about 170 to 175 cm tall and is slim, with short, dark, slightly wavy hair.

Whilst it cannot be confirmed that this is one of Merkel’s migrants (of the 2015 intake), the police are certainly searching for a person who is clearly not native to Germany.


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