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50 Illegal Migrants Left Unwatched in Germany, 48 Go Missing

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On Saturday, German police stopped a Turkish truck crossing from Poland to Germany that was carrying 50 illegal migrants. The group of migrants (which included 17 children) had no papers with them, but claimed to be from Iraq. Reports show that the migrants had previously applied for asylum in Romania and Bulgaria before entering Germany.

The Turkish truck driver and his Syrian passenger were arrested under “suspicious hatred”.

The migrants were taken to a reception area in Eisenhüttenstadt and left unattended. When officials returned, only 2 of the migrants (one adult and one child) remained. Authorities believe that the 48 missing migrants already had family in Germany who have now taken them in.

Where exactly these men, women and children are is completely unknown to authorities. This is nothing new. The German Government admitted last year that they’ve lost track of around 13% of their asylum seekers. This is not just a couple of people. This is over 100,000 lost migrants wandering around the country completely off the radar.

What an absolute farce this is. Mistakes like this are putting the lives of European citizens at risk. Consider the potential level of terrorism and crime that this problem brings to Germany. ISIS are completely open with us about the fact that their soldiers are entering Europe disguised as refugees. We only have to look back a few days ago to what happened in London to see a perfect example of the potential threat this is.



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