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German Parliament Cuts NPD’s State Funding

German politicians voted last Thursday to cut state funding to Germany’s only real nationalistic political party, the National Democratic Party (NPD).

In yet another gross abuse of public power for the persecution of political opponents, the Bundestag once again showed they are prepared to use the powers at their disposal to attack political figures and parties with whom they simply don’t agree.

Under a law that has been in place since 1967, all political parties receive public funding if they meet the 0.5% threshold in electoral terms. The NPD consistently poll above this benchmark, yet they are now the only political party in Germany who are eligible for public funding, but denied this privilege on the whims of the establishment political class.

This is just the latest in a long string of legislation enacted by the corrupt Bundestag to persecute anybody who displays opposition to the Merkel regime’s globalist policies.

Just last month, Justice Minister Heiko Maas introduced legislation in parliament that will coerce social media companies into removing ‘fake news’, which is defined as anything that has not received the kosher stamp of approval from the government.

In terms of the NPD, this is of course not the first attack on their party by the establishment, nor will it be the last.

On multiple occasions, the government have brought cases to the courts in an attempt to ban the NPD on the grounds that the party is undemocratic, or that it somehow goes against the constitution. On all occasions, most recently in January of this year, these censorship attempts have failed.

Ironically, the justification for the Bundestag cutting the NPD’s state funding is that the party is ‘hostile to the constitution’, despite the fact that Germany’s highest constitutional court has ruled repeatedly that the party does not fall foul of the current constitution.

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