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German Election: The TRUTH About Immigration


Tomorrow, Germans go to the polls for a legislative election but, as we are all well aware, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Barring any major upset, Angela Merkel will win her fourth consecutive term as Chancellor; the only question remains is with whom her CDU party will govern? The most likely answer to this question is that they will continue their “Grand Alliance” with the Social Democrats, who are also set to perform strongly. Many observers outside of Germany will justifiably be asking how a coalition government that’s committed such grave crimes of mass immigration against its own people is on course to clinch a comfortable victory. It’s seems that for the last 18 months, there has been a daily story of how the Merkel regime’s open borders policy has caused another rape, another murder or another terrorist incident, yet Germans remain seemingly unaffected if their voting intentions are anything to go by.

Yet this is not the sign of a stupid people, nor is it evidence of a miraculous success in the realms of immigration and integration. No, tomorrow’s outcome is indicative of a population not in possession of all the facts. It is a result of a carefully managed and complicit media-political elite who, with a little panic and a lot of arrogance, have sought to hide the true nature of their criminal policies. The reality is that the policies of successive governments, under Merkel and her predecessors of both the CDU and SPD, have resulted in problems of an untold magnitude for German society, so great that it’s unlikely the nation will ever recover.

Given that most people seem to measure the success of political policies in economic terms, let’s begin with the truth about the relationship between immigration to Germany and the national economy. The notion that the refugees arriving in biblical proportions from the Middle-East are these intellectual doctors, dentists and lawyers has already been disproved beyond all measure – it was laughable in the first place. But even the claim that the millions of young men flooding into the country will provide manual labour and the like is proving to be ambitious at best.

Statistics from the Federal Labour Agency show that employment rates amongst so-called refugees are as low as 17%. The Commissioner for Immigration and Refugees admitted to the Financial Times that “only a quarter” of the newcomers will enter the labour market within the next 5 years, with many others requiring “up to 10 years” before they’re available to work. Given that under 45% of the so-called refugees have completed formal education, and 65% of Syrian refugees are illiterate in their own language, let alone German, it’s unlikely that even this 10-year target will be realised.

It’s not just the inability of the newcomers to work that’s the problem. An unwillingness to contribute or to improve one’s skills is endemic amongst the refugee population, as evidenced by a 27% increase from 2016 in the number of refugees who aren’t even enrolled in any training courses or language classes. This attitude of entitlement is nothing new amongst immigrants to Germany, with many preferring to live on the Hartz IV social security program – a foreign family with 10 children can get a monthly income of as much as €3,000.00 this way, on top of rent and travel costs subsidised entirely by the German taxpayer.

The result of this unwillingness to contribute on the part of many refugees has been a massive whole in the budgets of individual states. According to Bundestag vice-president Johannes Singhammer, German states collectively spent over €23bn on maintaining refugees and asylum seekers in 2016, despite the federal government initially predicting just €9.3bn – itself an astronomical figure – would be needed. This is a massive insult to the German taxpayers whose generosity is being exploited by politicians who are literally throwing their hard earned money at refugees, who invariably use it to have multiple children and holiday in their supposedly war-torn home countries.

Immigrants have a history of exploiting the generous nature of the German people. Since the 1960s, successive CDU and SPD governments initiated, maintained and expanded the famous gastarbeiter program, which saw “guest workers” come to Germany, mainly from Turkey, under the premise that they would assist with the country’s economic recovery before one day returning home. Of course, the political elite had no intention of sending these permanent guests home. Rather, they have sustained an economically unsustainable element of the population in the knowledge that these immigrants would repay them with their vote, come election season.

This “guest worker” program has seen as many as 3 million Turks come to Germany in the last few decades. Whilst the establishment can find only anecdotal evidence of the odd Turkish doctor or footballer, the reality is that this migrant population is predominantly doing two things; 1. Living off social welfare, and 2. Reproducing at an astronomical rate. A recent study found that as many as 80% of Turks in Germany live off the aforementioned Hartz IV program as their main source of income, with the remaining 20% in some kind of work and even less earning enough to pay taxes. 70% of their offspring have no GSCE-level qualifications, a clear sign that the Turkish communities’ intentions for the future are no different that the present suggests.

Moreover, whilst the native German fertility rate has been in terminal decline since 1970 – that is, below the required replacement rate of 2.1 – Turkish birthrates in Germany have ensured that their population in the country has an organic growth of 5% each year, notwithstanding the continuing Turkish immigration to the country. This has led demographers to predict that, by 2050, the majority of “Germans” will be of Turkish decent – all paid for courtesy of the native German taxpayer!

Perhaps these economic injustices could be tolerated, if not condoned, were it the only negative aspect of immigration, but of course, it isn’t. Public health is also an area that as suffered greatly, as a direct result of Chancellor Merkel’s immigration policies since 2014. The so-called migrant crisis has brought back many diseases that were thought to be totally eradicated in Germany, whilst infection rates of already present deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS have risen sharply. The following is an excerpt from an article reporting the findings of large-scale research conducted by the Robert Koch Institute, a government agency that investigates the control and prevention of infectious disease:

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is a German government agency and research institute which is responsible for disease control and prevention. Each year, they publish an annual report which provides a summary of infectious diseases in Germany. Their latest report, which was published last week, provides data on the status of over 50 infectious diseases in Germany for the period of 2016.

The report confirms an across-the-board increase in infectious diseases in Germany since 2015; the year that German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened up their borders to over a million migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle-East.

The report shows increased incidences of a multitude of infectious diseases including, but not limited to: HIV/AIDS, leprosy, malaria, measles, Meningococcal meningitis, syphilis, tuberculosis, typhus and whooping cough. It is noted, however, that most of the more tropical diseases which were brought into the country from Africa have been contained and there have been no mass outbreaks among the general population.

These claims are backed up by some truly frightening statistics; by 2016, the infection rate of Hepatitis B, a deadly disease passed on through bodily fluids, had risen by an eye-watering 398% from before the beginning of the migrant crisis in 2014. There has also been a sharp rise in the infection rate of HIV, with 40% of cases reported since 2015 coming as a direct result of the so-called refugee influx. Diseases such as “Louse-borne Relapsing Fever” (LBRF), that hadn’t previously been seen by any German doctor alive today, have made a comeback, with numerous cases reported in both 2015 and 2016. The true extent of the public health risk posed by refugees is, of course, unknown, as many of them could be unaware of their illness or reluctant to seek treatment for “cultural reasons”.

“More and more patients in the clinics are arriving with diseases that have previously been eradicated in Germany. Scabies, for example. These diseases have to be reliably diagnosed, and that is a challenge. Prospectively, the increase in immigration should be an occasion to examine very carefully whether our capacities are sufficient.” – Marc Schreiner,

For a first-hand account of the health risk posed to Germany by immigrants, please see this article penned by a female German doctor:

As if the economic drain on the German people or the public health risk posed by migrants wasn’t enough, this is a population that is also having to contend with an epidemic of sexual violence perpetrated by migrant men who have brought with them backward attitudes towards women. Everybody will recall that horrific night in Cologne, when gangs of migrants swarmed through the city square, preying on young German girls as part of their “taharrush” game. But what many people fail to realise is that this was by no means an isolated incident. Crimes such as these, perpetrated by migrant males against German girls and women, are occurring constantly across the length and breadth of the country.

According to a report produced by the Federal Criminal Police Office, the number of sexual offences – defined as sexual assaults, rapes and the sexual abuse of children – committed in Germany rose by over 500% between 2013 and 2016. The annual report, last published at the end of April 2017, showed that migrants commit an average of 9 sexual offences each day, which itself marked an increase of 102% from the previous year’s figures. The largest increase in sexual offences from 2015 to 2016 came from an influx of Iranian Zuwanderung (asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants), who committed 329.7% more sexual crimes. This group was followed closely by Syrians who committed 318.7% more sex crimes than the previous year.

Migrants committed 3,404 sexual offences in 2016 in Germany, a country with a rape rate of 9 per 100,000. If these figures are taken together and loosely extrapolated, we can see that recent migrants to Germany commit over 50% of all sexual offences, despite being less than 5% of the country’s overall population. This is perhaps the most damning indictment of the Merkel regime’s open-door policy, which has directly jeopardised the safety and future of an untold number of young, vulnerable girls who can no longer walk the streets alone after dark.

Yet despite the economic burden, despite the public health risk, and despite the migrant rape epidemic sweeping the nation, Germans still intend to put Merkel back in the Chancellery in 24 hours’ time. This is the result of a successful campaign of censorship and misinformation conducted by the political establishment, with the complicity of the nation’s mainstream media of course. That said, if the latest opinion polls are to be believed Germans intend to send a strong contingent of Alternative für Deutschland members to the Bundestag – perhaps more than 80, going by the latest study. This is evidence that despite the establishment’s best efforts, not all Germans are fooled. And like all lies, one day the truth will emerge and Germans will, hopefully, hold their political class to account for the crimes that have been committed in their name.


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