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German Court Precedent Offers Legal Protection to ISIS

German Court Precedent Offers Legal Protection to ISIS

In what is the latest of a long string of nonsense flowing out of German courts, a Saarbruecken district judge has ruled that defrauding ISIS – a group regarded as a terrorist organisation by, well, pretty much everybody – is in fact a crime.

The judge made the ruling in the case of a Syrian refugee known only as Hasan A. who has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment. His crime? Conspiracy to defraud ISIS by promising to commit a terrorist attack he had no intention of carrying out, in return for a six-figure sum.

Hasan A. never received the money, but during the trial the prosecution argued that he did in fact intend to carry out the attack, whilst the defence argued that their client wasn’t even guilty of fraud let alone terrorism.

Whilst the prosecution deserve sympathy for their attempts to root out Islamic terrorism, the judge deserves perhaps only our pity for clearly taking leave of his senses.

In a display of peculiarity we have come to expect from the Merkel regime in recent years, the judge not only found that the defendant never intended to carry out the attack, but that his actual crime was defrauding ISIS.

This sets a dangerous precedent which could potentially enable actual ISIS terrorists to use the instruments of the state against innocent, law abiding Germans. It also offers Islamic State a token gesture of legitimacy, something not even the European Union’s judicial arm has been willing to do.



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