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French migrant camp at Dunkirk burns down after big riots

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Ten people were injured in rioting in an immigrant camp in the French Grande-Synthe. Then fire broke out.

Which has the complex in the northwest of France, not far from the port city of Dunkirk, has been reduced to mostly ashes, as reported by French media.

French Knife

The riots Monday afternoon would be started after a conflict between Kurds and Afghans, in which a blade was pulled. According to the newspaper Le Parisiensecurity had to just come out with tear gas grenades to gain some control over the situation, but the atmosphere was last night still tense . Then fire broke out. “It is inevitable that the fire is lit in various places,” say local authorities.

According to the prefect of the northern French region there is little of the camp. “The only thing left is a pile of ashes,” says Michel Lalande. The residents of the camp, estimated between one thousand and fifteen hundred people were taken to safety.The camp of wooden huts set up by the aid organization Doctors Without Borders to provide shelter for migrants. The cottages replaced the tents.

Springboard to Britain

It is not the first time that clashes broke out in the migrant camp. Last month, the authorities are that the camp would be dismantled because of all the turmoil, the British station writes BBC . In March, five men were wounded in the fighting and in November was stabbed someone.

French northwest has a huge attraction to immigrants who use the region as a springboard to Britain. But most are unable to reach the other side. The population of the camp in Grande-Synthe grown recently after breaking up the massive migrant camp in Calais , 40 kilometers away. That place was because of the mess and poor conditions, also known as ‘the Jungle’.

Defend Europa Commentary: I’m not sure how the libtards brain works, but they genuinely believe in the ‘magic dirt’ theory that as soon as these savages set foot on European soil, they being to change, their altruism rises along with their IQ, they leave centuries old customs and conflicts behind them and become ‘New Europeans’. Any one with half a brain knows this is not the case. These people will never be happy because no matter what we do they will want more, and when they cannot get more they will riot and chant “racist” exactly as their leftists puppet masters  have trained them. Europe this summer is in for a rough ride, if the US bombs Syria it will increase the migration to Europe, and the cucked West will let them in by the millions. We really need to find a way to make Orban King of Europe to sort out this shit

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