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French State Media Helping Anti-Deportation Activists

french anti deportation protestors

Just as we thought the disgraceful tactics of the French mainstream media could not get any worse, France24 has managed to surprise us once again with their opinion piece published today entitled “How to stop a ‘deportation plane’ from taking off”.

The article refers to an incident that took place last week, in which three activist groups – Plane Stupid, End Deportations and “Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants” – illegally entered Stansted Airport in Essex, England, and chained themselves around the wheels of an aeroplane carrying 70 would-be deportees bound for Ghana and Nigeria. 17 activists broke through security fencing early on the morning of 28th March and their endeavours prevented the flight from ever leaving the ground, along with the diversion and cancellation of many general passenger flights. All 17 of the activists were arrested by police and charged with aggravated trespass.

France24 did not just report on the incident like news organisations are supposed to, but instead they invited one of the 17 activists, Emma Hughes, to become an author of the “observer” section of their website in order to tell her story, complete with pictures and descriptions aimed at helping other activists achieve the same aim.

Remember, this is a woman who has been charged with a criminal offence being invited to French state media to promote the criminal activities she was arrested for taking part in. Should this have been any other crime such as armed robbery, for example, would the media think it appropriate to invite a suspect to promote such a thing?

Special exceptions are made by the deceitful press when the topic is of left-wing political sympathy. These Marxists have decided that they can apply their intellectually-challenged moral relativity to the law, so that now a crime that achieves left-wing aims is now deemed acceptable. But of course, what more can one expect from a media channel controlled by a French state that is Marxist through and through!

These lying media organisations have had their way for too long. Our patience has its limits!

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