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Football Lads Alliance to Send 30,000 Lads to London


Around 30,000 patriotic Football fans from all across the UK will put aside team rivalries to march in London tomorrow (Saturday 7th), the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) has reported.

The anti-extremism group – which boasts 70,000 fans on Facebook – has arranged a silent procession which will begin at Park Lane and end at Westminster Bridge.

Veterans Against Terrorism will join the FLA’s demonstration, with notable speakers including ex-SAS hero Phil Campion – a man whose media profile has rocketed recently due to his justified criticism of the UK government’s failure to deal with Islamic terrorism.

This is the second demonstration arranged by the FLA, following a spectacularly successful first event named ‘United Against Extremism’, which attracted 10,000 marchers.

The group’s success so far has attracted attacks from various far-left groups, with prominent MP Diane Abbott complaining that the FLA has failed to speak out about what she described as ‘right-wing terrorism’.

Communist groups have threatened to field many counter-protestors, with the extremist newspaper, Socialist Worker, urging members of the far-left to ‘sound the alarm, go on the streets’ and confront the peaceful marchers.

Founder member John Meighan stressed that the FLA exists to lead peaceful protests, it is neither religious or political, but the groups does hope to place pressure on the UK government.

“Saturday’s march is a coming together of people from all walks of life, from all over Britain, with a common cause. We all wish to show our concern at the recent upsurge in terror attacks taking place across the UK and Europe,” Mr Meighan said.

The Football Lads Alliance believes they may have underestimated the turnout for tomorrow’s demonstration, with some officials quoting 40,000 as an achievable figure for the fledgling group. If this number is correct, the FLA will have dwarfed the efforts of forerunner groups like the English Defence League and Britain First.

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