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Firefighters and Police Attacked in Swedish “No-Go-Zone”


Firefighters and police were attacked with glass bottles in the Swedish city of Malmö on Thursday as they attended to two separate fires in the area. The attack took place in one of Sweden’s “no-go-zones” in the city’s suburb of Kroksback.

Authorities were called to attend to the first fire (which was two burning cars in a nearby car park) as a separate fire started in a building on Sörbäcksgatan Street. Authorities have said that they do not know at this stage if the fires are related, but both are suspected to be arson.



These attacks are not uncommon in Sweden’s now infamous no-go-zones. In June, it was reported that riots were taking place where hundreds of masked men and children (some as young as 1o-years-old) stormed the police. Trollhättan, Husby, Tensta, and Rinkeby in Stockholm are reported to be the most vulnerable areas.

Earlier this year, Gordon Grattidge, leader of a Swedish Ambulance Driver’s Union, revealed the abuse that his staff experience while attending emergencies in Sweden’s no-go-zones. He requested that his staff were given “military” defensive equipment in order to feel safe while doing their job.

Despite us having video evidence of authorities being attacked in these areas (see below video), migrant apologists are still convinced that Europe’s no-go-zones are nothing but a conspiracy theory made up by the “far right”.

In spite of this, Swedish officials have reported that there are 61 no-go-zones in Sweden. This is a figure which is up from 55 last year.





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