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FGM in Europe: Barbaric Cult Practices on the Rise


FGM, or female genital mutilation/cutting, is a crime against women. It is the ‘procedure’ of cutting parts of female genitalia off, mainly for cultural beliefs. It comes in varying degrees of obscenity, but the most common is the ‘clitoridectomy’, or ‘female circumcision’. It is often done to attempt to make a person less likely to engage in sexual activities before marriage.

The problem is that FGM leads to severe bleeding, pain, complete loss of sensitivity, complications during childbirth, infertility, severe pain during sex, recurring infections and urine retention. And in some cases it is lethal. Unlike male circumcision, female genital mutilation also inhibits sexual pleasure.

The United Nations have declared that FGM is a human rights violation. Yet, it is being performed on girls and women the world over.

FGM is still practiced. It is endemic in Muslim-majority countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Three million girls between infancy and age 15 are subject to he procedure every year. UNICEF has estimated that there are some 200 milion women and girls who have been subjected to FGM in the past decade.



It has emerged as a major problem in Europe due to mass immigration. The European Parliament estimates that half a million girls and women in the European Union are living with FGM, and that every year some 180,000 girls in Europe are at risk of being “cut.”

Germany has seen a sharp increase of cases of FGM. From 2014 to 2016 the number of affected persons rose by almost 30 percent. Some 48,000 women and girls have been victims of this vile practice, this is because migration from regions where it is common has increased by 40 per cent. The majority of the women living in Germany that have suffered FGM originate from Eritrea, Somalia, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Iraq.

FGM is most prevalent in Britain where more than 66.000 women and girls between the ages of 15 and 49 in England and Wales had undergone FGM.

In Bristol, a city in southwest England with a sizeable immigrant community, it is believed that some 2,000 girls are at risk of “FGM parties.” According to the BBC, “They cut them all together, as a group, because it is cheaper and quicker that way. At first the girls are all excited because it’s a party, until they realise what is going to happen, and then they get frightened. It’s done by the elder women, or the Imam, whoever is expert at cutting.”

It will only get worse. This is a sick tradition in most of the aforementioned countries and it will take time to reverse it. There are many groups doing good work in ending FGM around the world such as: End FGM and FORWARD, but in that time, many more women and girls may be subjected to this and have their lives irrevocably changed for the worse.

People around the world and Europeans especially need to wake to this cold hard truth because it is here and it is happening right now. It is another big problem that a lot of the economic migrants have brought with them.

This is not cultural enrichment. This is not what a secular European nation in the 21st century should tolerate. We must make our voices heard and stand defiant against this.



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