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Far-Left Thugs Destroy A Man’s Livelihood… For Renting A Room To AfD!

Anti-AfD Graffiti

“The car tires were slashed, windows and facades smeared. I was cursed and threatened on the phone…”


Sven Lohse, owner of the Trivoli Restaurant in Aukrug, Schleswig-Holstein, has been forced out of business following sustained physical attacks on his business and his customers by left-wing extremists.

During the state election campaign last year, Lohse’s crime in the eyes of the self-styled ‘anti-fascists’ was to rent a function room for the local branch of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland). In response to this apparent act of heresy, the rabid leftists proceeded in waging a violent campaign against Lohse and his restaurant.

In a Facebook post explaining his decision to close his previously popular restaurant, Lohse stated that the attacks on his business had simply become too much for him to deal with. He said, “the car tires were torn, windows and facades smeared, horses were unloaded at the door, I was cursed and threatened on the phone – and all in the name of democracy,” as part of a wider complaint that real democracy no longer exists in politically correct Germany.

For a while this produced good results for his business, as AfD members and sympathisers would travel from across Germany to dine at his fine establishment to show their support. But as more and more AfD associates frequented his restaurant, so the attacks became relentless.

The leftist thugs responsible for this violent campaign against Mr Lohse boastfully claim responsibility for running the man out of business on a popular left-wing internet portal Linksunten.Indymedia. Despite this, there is no record of anybody being brought to justice for these disgraceful acts.

Of course, actions such as these have become prevalent in a country that is reminded of their supposed crimes of history whenever a vaguely nationalistic thought is cultivated. These so-called anti-fascists behave as if they were living in 1960s East Berlin, as if employed by the local Stasi chapter, ever-present to monitor ‘Wrong Think’.

Many in Germany, particularly in the east, will be left wondering at what point did they welcome these Bolshevik methods back into their societies?

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