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EU Plot To Bring ANOTHER 50,000 African Refugees To Europe

The EU plans to bring 50,000 African refugees to Europe

In a disturbing but unsurprising revelation, the EU Commission has announced plans to bring 50,000 ‘refugees’ to Europe directly from Africa.

Masquerading as an “attempt to stem the flow of refugees”, the plot has set aside £439 million in European taxpayers’ money to resettle the migrants. They will be taken from countries like Chad, Ethiopia, Niger, Egypt and Sudan, despite the fact that non of these countries are particularly unsafe.

A statement issued by the Commission says it “is recommending to bring at least 50,000 of the most vulnerable persons in need of international protection to Europe over the next 2 years”.

The aim, as stated by the EU Commission, is to bring the migrants to Europe “legally”, thus bypassing the criminal people smugglers in the Mediterranean.

There is nothing legal about this plan, however, given that this is an arbitrary decision taken by the Commission with no democratic accountability. The people of Europe have never once consented for their taxes to be abused in such a disgraceful manner.

And of course, the euphemistic adjective “vulnerable” will sound warning bells for many concerned Europeans. This was a term used to describe the so-called child refugees brought to Europe during the height of the migrant crisis.

This was exposed as the farce it truly is when, in Sweden, it was discovered that 76% of “child” refugees are in fact adults. Denmark’s government also estimates that the number of lying migrants pretending to be vulnerable children is as many as 3 in 4.

In Britain – where the Jewish peer Lord Dubs campaigned ferociously for the admission of child migrants – two-thirds of “vulnerable child migrants” screened by the Home Office turned out to be grown men, with ages ranging from 19-40.

This is further evidence that Europeans’ generous nature is being turned against them in the name of replacement migration. EU leaders are vigorously implementing a re-packaged version of the Kalergi Plan, as stimulated by the United Nations.

In 2000, the UN published a decree entitled “Replacement Migration“, which designated 6 European countries, plus Korea and Japan, for massive immigration as a way to remedy an ageing population and declining birth rates.

The result has been mass immigration policies in all specified countries, changing the demographics of said countries beyond all recognition.




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