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Are Ethnic Brits Treated As Second Class Citizens?

In a post-Blair Britain it is hard to criticise any remnants of the multicultural legacy that “New Labour” left behind. The left will harp on about the Iraq War all day, but the moment you touch on any of other extensive failures and crimes against the British public committed by the 1997-2007 Labour government they will put their fingers in their ears.

What they did is essentially grab Britain in a chokehold – whilst in their decade of power they managed to open the theoretical floodgates for long enough to let in a steady flow of over 200,000 migrants per year. Now, even though they are no longer in power, these new arrivals in our country are (regrettably) legally here and the Conservative government or any other party are unable to kick them out.

Even at the most far-right of “acceptable” British politics you will only find civic nationalists, at least on the surface, because not mentioning this elephant in the room is the only way to actually be electable.



What we’re seeing is essentially the “Mama Merkel” effect – where a country is filled with unwanted migrants by one political party to essentially form a fifth-column that will continue to vote for them in upcoming elections. Most of these types of immigrants in the UK are essentially Labour party sleeper cells.

But all of what I have mentioned doesn’t even scratch beneath the surface of the colossal amount of damage that this has done to UK society. Not only can parties or the government not openly criticise it, but this political football has also been passed to the British public.

Talking smack about Christianity, the country’s official religion, is perfectly fine and even encouraged by the cosmopolitan elite but it is with a sense of foreboding that anyone dare discuss the pitfalls of Islam – a religion which originates, and should only belong in the sands of the Middle East and North Africa.

You can be actually be arrested for mentioning any valid criticism of Islam under the guise of “hate crime” or “hate speech” and are treated as a second class citizen when it comes to such matters. This brings me onto my next point:

Hate speech laws seem to only apply to whites

Going out in public as a brown Muslim with signs calling for the death of British soldiers, British civilians and vowing to destroy Britain and form it as a caliphate? Yeah, go ahead mate.

Sitting at home in your dressing gown and PJ pants, drinking your freshly brewed Earl Grey whilst casually typing on Facebook that you think Islam is an evil cult? Nah you can’t do that unless you want to have your front door smashed in.

Examples of this happening in Great Britain

A recent example of this is the admin and creator of a Facebook meme page called “The Church of Rees-Mogg”, who was visited by police who presented him with a letter threatening his arrest for posting a meme that was critical of Islam (one that I don’t even think he created and wasn’t conventionally offensive or inciting violence).

They then asked him to delete the page and his entire Facebook account – but this is only part of the long story of police and government threatening those who speak ill of this multicultural regime.


Why are Brits being treated as second class citizens in their own homeland when they dare criticise a foreign invasion in their country?

But this extends far beyond England, even into Scotland.

Count Dankula, real name Marcus Meechan, is a political comedian on YouTube from North Lanarkshire who isn’t on the far-right by any stretch of the imagination. He uploaded a funny video where he trained his girlfriend’s pug Buddha, who already raises his paw when treats are promised and gets excited when he is told he will be going for a walk, into raising his paw when Dankula says “Sieg Heil” and getting excited when he even whispers “Jews” or “Gas the Jews”.

It is an obvious joke and it is even mentioned at the start of the video something along the lines of “My girlfriend loves her dog and to piss her off I made him into the least cutest thing I could think of, which is a Nazi”.

Nobody really cared about the video being offensive until a local Jewish pressure group up in Scotland backed the police and local council into a corner, thus leading to his arrest and being put on trail. This saga is still ongoing despite lack of any real evidence of anti-semitism and hate speech and it is being delayed to make his life as miserable as possible. He can’t even be kept in a job due to his publicity with the incident making employers not want to associate with him.

Far-left pressure groups and other councils of the sort wield way too much power in the British legal system, such as Hope Not Hate, and this seems to be the case in many other countries across Europe and even the world, particularly the United States with the Jewish owned Anti Defamation League and The Southern Poverty Law Center.

The left harp on about everyone to the right of them being Nazis and the Nazi invasions into other European countries are universally condemned by most Brits, yet the fact we are currently being invaded by another force goes under the radar for these same people and is apparently above criticism.



In closing, if you’re doing any shitposting make sure you either have nothing to lose or you use as many VPNs as you can, use a pseudonym and don’t associate any of your activities with your real self, or you may be next on the hit list for the traitorous police force and their Jewish lobbies.

They along with our spineless and weak-willed politicians are actively undermining our governmental system, destroying our culture and if you have the balls to speak out against it you are treated as a second class citizen in the eyes of the law and even in the eyes of some of your subverted fellow countrymen.

Don’t bow down to these external forces.

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