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Biased Electoral Commission Hunts Brexiteers

Electoral commision

The UK’s political regulator, the Electoral Commission, which claims to be a politically impartial body, has announced plans to investigate the financial backers of the victorious Brexit campaign following pressure by prominent globalists.

One prominent Brexiteer targeted for investigation is Patriotic tycoon Arron Banks, who pumped more than £8m of his own fortune into the ‘Leave.EU‘ campaign group – and has been a vocal critic of the government’s handling of Brexit negotiations since the referendum.

This is the second time that the two organisations have clashed, Arron Banks’ Leave.EU ‘Grassroots Out’ group was controversially denied designation as the official leave campaign by the Electoral Commission in favour of the inept ‘Vote Leave’ group, with its links to government ministers.

In a short statement, the Electoral Commission says it will examine:

  • Whether or not Better for the Country Limited was the true source of donations made to referendum campaigners in its name, or if it was acting as an agent.
  • Whether the recipients of its donations were given the information required by PPERA [Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000] in respect of the donor.
  • What steps the recipients took to verify the identity and permissibility of Better for the Country Limited as a donor.
  • Whether or not Mr. Banks was the true source of loans reported by a referendum campaigner in his name.
  • Whether those individuals and entities involved in that arrangement acted in accordance with PPERA.
  • Whether any individual facilitated a transaction with a non-qualifying person.

This follows remain MP Ben Bradshaw exploiting his parliamentary privilege to insinuate that Arron Banks is an agent for the Russian Federation. Mr Banks described the accusations as ‘complete bollocks’ and responded by asking Bradshaw to make the same remarks outside of parliament, where they would almost certainly qualify as libellous.

“The Leave.EU campaign was funded by myself, Peter Hargreaves and the general public. My sole involvement with ‘The Russians’ was a boozy 6-hour lunch with the Ambassador where we drank the place dry”, said Mr Banks.

A press release by Leave.EU suggested that this investigation is politically motivated and went on to question why the Electoral Commission allowed the government to gift the Remain campaign with a national, anti-Brexit leaflet drop which cost the taxpayer £9m.

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