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Elderly Woman Fined €1,350 For Sharing Anti-Immigration Facebook Post

Facebook is a crime according to the Merkel regime.

A 62-year-old woman has been fined €1,350 for sharing a Facebook post with anti-immigrant sentiment.

Yes, you read that correctly; fined over a thousand euros for simply sharing a graphic with other her Facebook friends. She did not accompany this graphic with any inflammatory text, but simply clicked like and share. For this act of heresy, the woman incurred a hefty fine and was lucky to escape a short spell in prison.

When the woman from Lichtenberg was arrested last year, her computer was seized by police along with other technological devices, and her home was searched thoroughly.

The offending article was a picture of so-called refugees, with the question “Do you have anything against refugees?” edited over the top. Responses from other users included some humour in bad taste, but it appears the woman who originally shared the post, identified only as Jutta B., has been held responsible for the entire thread.

According to the Berliner MorgenpostMs. Jutta B., incurred the punishment because the post “said negative things about refugees”. The prosecution described the woman’s actions as “an utterance capable of inciting hatred and denigration of the human dignity of others.”

In court, the prosecution did not accept the defendants plea that she did not really consider the post in any detail before sharing it, whilst her insistence that she didn’t have any right-wing sympathies was disbelieved.

This is the Europe we live in, where one has to defend themselves against accusations of right-wing sympathies in a court of law. One could be forgiven for questioning whether or not the Berlin Wall did in fact come down nearly 3 decades ago, for this type of legal persecution is more reminiscent of Stalinist Russia than this so-called “free an just” Europe we find ourselves a part of.

But not only has this woman been convicted by a court of law, local Antifa have also sent her numerous death threats over the internet. Of course, not one of these “anti-fascists” will be brought before a court in the same manner, despite threatening actual violence against a vulnerable woman.

The German authorities are clearly not content with replacing Germans in their own homeland, so now they are engaging in a campaign of state sponsored psychological terrorism to prevent anybody voicing an opposition opinion. Not only will the state persecute those who protest their own genocide, they will also sit idly by as the victims are thrown to the proverbial wolves in the shape of “anti-fascists”.

But it’s all good, remember; at least we beat that nasty Hitler bloke…

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