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Dutch People Fighting Back Against Their Replacement

Dutch People Fighting Back Against Their Replacement

COA—the Dutch organisation that is responsible for the reception, supervision and departure (from the reception location) of asylum seekers coming to the Netherlands—recently faced a massive blow after the villa they intended to buy for asylum seekers, was bought instead by local residents.

On the 21st of June COA announced that they wanted to buy the villa in Den Helder, a town up north in the Dutch province of North Holland. Their plan? Using a villa as a living environment for 16 under aged asylum seekers.

I hear you think: “Why not just deport them?” Well—even if they’ve committed a crime or even if their application has been denied—they cannot be deported because they’re under aged.

People have had enough

Luckily, not all people are docile and are accepting the Kalergi-inspired population replacement currently taking place in Europe. No, the people in a district of Den Helder decided to buy the villa themselves.

In a short time they managed to collect the necessary 599,000 Euros that the estate agent was asking for the villa, embarrassing COA—a government supported organization—in the process.

The interior of the property.

No comment

The Dutch media—looking for a sensational story and in some cases (especially liberal newspapers) a reason to cry racism—didn’t get the story they were hoping for. No, in this case also, the people were prepared.

Aware that only a small amount of news outlets are reporting the truth about the migrant crisis, they organised using WhatsApp groups and warned each other when another sensation seeking journalist was in town.

This resulted in the following replies from the local residents: “No comment”… “I’m not commenting on the situation. I’m not talking to any journalist or anyone else for that matter”.

The garden belonging to the property.

 “We’ve never experienced this before”

Dumbfounded by people going to these lengths to prevent their own replacement and their house’s value dropping, COA’s press representative Alet Bouwmeester told a local paper: “We’re often faced with protests against asylum centres, but people snatching away a potential location… that’s never happened before”.

She went on to say: “We were hoping to buy a location here for a small group of asylum seekers, but I guess we’ll have to look for a different location now”.

It is unclear if COA has already found a new location.

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