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Scientists: Drug Europeans to Accept Migrants


Left-wing scientists from the University of Bonn complained that Europeans are more altruistic to other Europeans and less welcoming of migrants, but they believe they can change this behaviour by using the ‘love hormone’ Oxytocin drug on the population.

The researchers suggested that the drug could be administered to subjects in an environment where the peer-group exerts social pressure on the individual to be more welcoming towards strangers.

“The combined enhancement of oxytocin and peer influence could diminish selfish motives,” said Professor Rene Hurlemann from the department of psychiatry.

“Given the right circumstances, oxytocin may help promote the acceptance and integration of migrants into Western cultures.”

The team gave 183 Germans €50 to donate to either locals or migrants, and found that the participants donated around 20% more to the migrants – even without the influence of Oxytocin.

The ‘love hormone’ was then introduced to the control group, it was observed that the pro-migration subjects donated even more to the migrants.

However, those participants who held negative views about massive immigration, did not respond to the Oxytocin ‘treatment’, but they did donate more when shown how much the pro-migration Germans had donated.

Since the study was announced, it has been widely ridiculed and condemned by Pro-European activists who believe that drugging people into accepting something they don’t want, is a form of ‘National Date-Rape’.

Meanwhile, the EU and UN are battling Conservative governments in Central Europe, over their resistance to accepting large-scale migration into their relatively poor nations. The EU has gone as far as to threaten to expel Poland and Hungary if they do not agree to home ‘refugees’.

Earlier this year, Donald Trump revealed that Angela Merkel admitted to him that her open-door migration policy – where millions of economic migrants posing as refugees flooded into the heart of Europe – is a disaster. An admission she appears to have backtracked on when she recently informed a UN panel that Europe could accommodate at least 40,000 more migrants.

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