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Dead baby on bus accused “cold and calm”

Wiltshire gives thumbs up as Baker boards bus with dead baby

Former rapper with 25 children claims “I’m not a life taker, I’m a baby maker” amidst bizarre account of dead baby carried onto bus in an attempt to stage its death.

The sickening account of a now dead baby Imami’s abusive neglect and callously staged death shocked the Old Bailey Courtroom this week.

Rosalin Baker, 25, and her boyfriend Jeffrey Wiltshire, 52, were each charged with murder.  Baker claimed in September last year three-month-old Imani suddenly died suddenly on a London bus.  Evidence presented to the court showed that the baby had died of a fractured skull and brain injury.  The injuries were “as the result of being thrown against the floor or an upright surface” according to Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC.

Imani was also found to have a broken wrist from her arm being “pulled or twisted”.  Prosecutors say that 40 fractures to her ribs were from being “squeezed and shaken”.

DCI Gary Holmes felt personally impacted by the baby´s suffering.  He stated “The loss of any child is tragic but to know that baby Imani was tortured and was probably in considerable pain in her last few hours is heart-rendering.”

Jeffrey Wiltshire, 52, Mugshot
Jeffrey Wiltshire, 52, Mugshot
Rosalin Baker, in happier times (facebook)
Rosalin Baker, in happier times (facebook)

Imani had probably died up to 24 hours previously

Atkinson reported that “Baker and Wiltshire orchestrated the most devious of plans in an attempt to cover up the abuse that had been inflicted upon their daughter.

“Their ruse quickly unraveled when medical professionals were able to determine that Imani had probably died up to 24 hours previously.  With this overwhelming and compelling evidence charges against the two were swiftly brought.”

Baker purchased credit for Oyster card with dead child.
Baker purchased credit for Oyster card with dead child.

The court was shown video of Rosalin Baker with the dead baby in a sling, purchasing credit for her Oyster card at a kiosk.  Ms Baker boards the bus, with Mr Wiltshire remaining behind and signaling a thumb up.  The lifeless body hangs from her chest while she pushes her 2.5-year-old son in a stroller.  Ms Baker then spends the next 20 minutes on her phone.  Court records show she texted her sister the message “Imani is dead sis x”.

“The baby is losing its life… we need the ambulance right now.”

Security footage shows Ms Baker getting the attention of another passenger on the bus.  She claimed that the baby has suddenly suffered some sort of problem, then sat back and let the other woman handle the situation.  The good Samaritan assessed the baby, and quickly called for an ambulance.  “I think she’s gone.” She said, “The baby is losing its life… we need the ambulance right now.”  As the emergency call handler issues instructions, she, attempts to revive the child. Paramedics take over when they arrive. They were all horrified to later discover that their efforts were much too late, and all in vain.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC told the court of the distress suffered by other passengers on the bus. “During the course of the bus journey, Baker suddenly sought help from her fellow passengers for a problem that she said she had just identified with her daughter.  Those members of the public, presented with the nightmare of an infant who was not breathing, did all they could to help.  They were panicking and distressed. In contrast, Baker was noted to be cold and calm.”

Paramedic Anthony Steadman reported that he has never seen a reaction like that of Ms Baker. “The mother displayed no emotion, there were no questions asked,’ he said. ‘I had never seen that reaction from a parent before – she lacked emotion and appeared to be disengaged from what was happening.  From my impression, she seemed cold – the only emotion she showed was when we said we were going to leave the scene.”

Rosalin Baker modelling photos (facebook)
Rosalin Baker modelling photos (facebook)

“I’m not a life taker, I’m a baby maker.”

The former couple, reportedly both drug addicts, blamed each other for the dead baby.  Baker claimed her rapper boyfriend was abusive, violent and used heroin and cocaine every day.  She claims that following the death he undressed and changed the nappy of the dead baby and put it into new clothes.  He then tried to set her up by sending her onto the bus with the dead baby.  ‘I was scared, I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. I was just crying, stood there,’ she said.

Wiltshire said he had no idea Imani was dead until he was arrested for her murder.  In court he insisted “I’m not a life taker, I’m a baby maker.”

Wiltshire, more than twice the age of his girlfriend, has 23 living and 2 deceased children by 18 different mothers.

The pair were found not guilty of murder but found guilty of causing or allowing the death of the child.  They will appear for sentencing on 18th May.

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