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The Curious Case of Featherstone Primary School


Yesterday, a Twitter account representing Featherstone Primary School in Southall, Greater London, posted a selection of pictures from their pupil’s return to school following the summer holidays.

Many other users quickly spotted that in a photo containing more than 100 pupils, there appeared to be only one White pupil. Instead of defending the school’s diversity – which is what you would expect them to do – the operator merely deleted the photo, embarked on a blocking spree and then locked their account.

Naturally, in the hours that followed, the image spread like contagion across the world via Facebook and Twitter.

The question must be posed: if diversity is desirable, if a diverse environment is superior to a homogeneous environment, why did the account holder scramble to hide the ‘diversity’ of the school?

It’s possible that the account holder understands that the indigenous community finds images like these disturbing, because they are a stark illustration of the rapid demographic shift that has taken place in once-traditional English communities.

Another possibility is that the school’s staff are sensitive about the dwindling number of indigenous pupils year-on-year, as photographs of previous year-groups bear witness to greater numbers of ethnic-British pupils, though still an obvious minority.

In fact, Featherstone’s website features images which illustrate a far more balanced demographic situation – this must be somewhat embarrassing when parents come to visit only to find a visibly different prospect to what is advertised on the website.

This comes after the school was recently upgraded to a ‘good’ rating by the schools inspectorate Ofsted – the same agency which withheld a top score from a countryside school (pictured) because it was 100% ethnic-British and therefore had little ‘experience’ of diversity.

Sadly, Featherstone has one more ‘White-British’ child than the 84 schools who reported that they have none, in 2013. That figure is likely much higher following 4 more years of relentless globalist immigration policies.

Images like this serve to highlight the Labour party’s legacy of massive, unsustainable immigration – which was a deliberate policy designed to re-engineer British society and to ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity’.

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