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The Great Replacement, Part 1: France

Cultural Replacement in France

This article is part 1 of a series that will look into the replacement of European people. The Great Replacement, also known as “White genocide”, is a so-called “conspiracy theory” which forewarns of traditional European people and cultures being wiped out and replaced by diverse, foreign people and cultures. We will provide statistics and evidence to show that planned immigration and disproportionate fertility rates are changing the face of Europe as we know it.

It All Started in France, Last Week…

Imagine being fined 2000 euros for telling the truth. That’s what happened last week to Robert Ménard; one of Marine Le Pen’s key advisers. Ménard was charged with “inciting hatred” against Muslims because of two things:

  1. During a television interview, Ménard claimed that there were too many Muslim children attending the schools where he lives. He advised: “In one of the classrooms in my town centre, 91% of children are Muslim. Obviously this is a problem. There are limits to tolerance.”
  2. Ménard also shared an image on Twitter which compared a school in 1970, to a school now. On his tweet, Ménard referred to the “Great Replacement”; a term which was coined by Renaud Camus which suggests that France is being colonised by Muslim immigrants with the help of the government and the media. You can see Ménard’s tweet here, but in case it gets deleted, I have also posted a screenshot below.

Why Ménard Was Right About There Being “Too Many Muslims” in French Schools

In 2010, a French study titled “Trajectories and Origins” found that, out of the entire Muslim population in France, only between 3% and 5% of Muslims are traditional French nationals who have converted to Islam. The rest (between 95% and 97%) are immigrants, or children of immigrants (or children of children of immigrants, etc.). We can conclude from this, that most (if not all) of the children in the schools that Ménard mentioned are of foreign nationality. Of course, France has many immigrants that come from countries like Portugal and Spain, but the Muslim immigrants that Ménard was referring to, come from mainly Africa, Turkey and the Middle East.

Why This is a Concern

It’s hardly “inciting hatred” for Ménard to give a damn about the non-Muslim children in French classrooms. Children are held back by means of support and resources when a high number of children in the class don’t speak the native language. Resources, that could be spent elsewhere, go towards additional support staff and methods; and the lesson pace is held back so that “no child is left behind”.

It’s also a threat to French culture. As Ipsos poll carried out this year in France found that 61% of people believe that Islam is incompatible with French society. We already have ideas circulating to impose Sharia-compliant meals in French schools. What “multicultural” idea will they think of next? Overhauling French history lessons? Lessons being taught in Arabic? These ideas are already circulating.

It’s not just the replacement of traditional French culture that we should be worried about, but safety and security in schools, as well. A study carried out by National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) last month, found that young Muslims are three times more likely to consider religious violence than their non-Muslim counterparts.

As we can see from the information above, Ménard was more than right to be concerned with the staggeringly high amount of Muslims in French schools.

Why Ménard Was Right About The “Great Replacement”

Unfortunately, in France, a law dating from 1872 forbids the official collection of data based on questions about race or religious beliefs. There are, however, a few methods that we can use to gain an understanding of the number of non-native French people in France.

Below I have correlated information from five main organisations that collect statistical information regarding race and religion, based on demographic research, social science research and opinion polling. They are: Eurostat, the International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, Pew Research Center, the United Nations and the United States Department of State.



Firstly, let’s take a look at immigration. According to Pew Research Center, around 68,000 Muslim migrants come to France each year. Most of these migrants come from North Africa. Over two-thirds (68.5%) of all migrants arriving in France are Muslim. These figures are expected to decline slightly, if we look towards the years 2025-2030, but we’re still looking at around 60,000 new Muslim migrants arriving in France every year.

What is perhaps scariest about these figures is that most of the Muslim migrants entering EU countries are military aged men. Around two-thirds of Muslim migrants are male, and around two-thirds of male Muslim migrants are young adults (aged 18-34).

Cultural Replacement of France

Cultural Replacement of France

Cultural Replacement of France


Fertility Rates

There are major issues relating to disproportionate fertility rates between White, native European families and Muslim families, at present. In France, between the years 2005 and 2010, the average number of children that a Muslim family had was 2.8 children. Non-Muslim families, in comparison, had 1.9 children per family. This is nearly one extra child per every Muslim family.

We can also think of it this way: If two native French parents, have two native French children, the population of native French people would stay the same. If two people have less than two children, the population will decline. If two people have more than two children, the population will increase. As we can see from the figures below; on average, Muslim families are having more than two children per family, whereas native French families are having less than two children per family. This trend is expected to continue up until the year 2030 and beyond.

Cultural Replacement of France

Cultural Replacement of France


Conclusion of Cultural Replacement Figures

The figures above certainly paint a picture of how immigration and disproportionate fertility rates are allowing Muslims (predominantly non-White migrants from Africa, Turkey and the Middle East) to replace native French people in France.

France is currently at the top of the list of European countries (alongside the UK, Germany and the Netherlands) that is expected to the have the biggest increase in Muslim population over the next 20 years.

There are a number of studies, three of which I’ve listed below, which summarise the information above, and provide statistical data which shows a harsh incline in France’s Muslim population from the 1950s to the present day. Please note, as the stats are not official Government collected stats, the studies may differ by 1-2%, here to there.

The Stats

The table below, provided by the International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, shows France’s Muslim population growth over the last 70 years. In 1950, it was estimated that there were around 230,000 Muslims in France, making up 0.55% of the population. These figures have increased rapidly over the decades, to the present day, where we have around 6 million Muslims in France, making up around 10% of the population.

Cultural Replacement of France

The figures collected by Pew Research Center correlate with the figures in the table above. They suggest that in 2011, around 7.5% of the population in France was Muslim. This figure is expected to rise to 10.3% by the year 2030.

Cultural Replacement of France

The United Nations and the United States Department of State also agree with the above figures. They suggest that Muslims currently make up around 10% of the population in France, as detailed in the image below.

Cultural Replacement of France


This is Not an Accident!

Many people, including the mainstream media, will lead you to believe that this is purely coincidental. France’s growing non-White, Muslim population is the consequence of us tolerant Europeans saving the world, right?

Wrong. Cultural genocide is a planned ideology.

The United Nations openly talks about “Replacement Migration” for countries with low fertility rates. According to the UN:

“Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.”

In other words, they’re purposely replacing the population of predominantly White European countries with non-White African and Asian migrants (usually Muslim) as they have higher fertility rates. The UN’s understanding is; this needs to happen, or the population of European countries will decline and die out.

Just think for a moment about the word “replacement” and what it means. If one ‘thing’ takes the place of another, the original ‘thing’ has to die out. “Replacement Migration” means the end of French culture as we know it.

It means more mosques, and less churches.

It means more Burkinis, and less Brigitte Bardots.

It means more brown, and less White.

The EU (and particularly Merkel, with her “open door policy”) and many globalist/left-wing parties are key advocators of “Replacement Migration” (or “Cultural Genocide”) with their grandiose ideas of tolerance, open borders and globalisation.

A Summary, by Ménard

Following his charges, and rightly so, Ménard’s lawyer described his client’s charges as an infringement on freedom of speech. He asked the court not to pass “a death penalty of the freedom to think.”

Ménard, himself, stated:

“If the truth, what we see, becomes an offence, we can never say anything again. I have described a situation, I have said what all the elected officials find and never dare to say. To leave them like that is to condemn them. That’s why I’m trying to solve this problem.”

A Defend Europa Series

This article is the first part of a series that will look at the cultural replacement of European countries. As well as looking at additional European countries, such as the UK and Germany, we will also look at who is behind this, and what we can do about it.

To stay tuned, please bookmark our website and follow us on Twitter.

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