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Criticism Of George Soros Antisemitic, Says Israeli Official

Its Antisemitic To Criticise Any Jew, Apparently. Even Soros.

The Israeli ambassador in Budapest has called on the Hungarian government to end its campaign against Jewish billionaire George Soros, which he claims is stoking antisemitic sentiment.

The Hungarian government has recently rolled out a nationwide billboard campaign, urging Hungarians to stand firm against the ruinous influence of the Jewish financial speculator.

George Soros is well known for his involvement in the open borders campaign, with his Open Society organisation essentially acting as a front for the criminal people smugglers bringing third world migrants to Europe.

What is lesser known however, is the extent to which Soros is using his ‘soft power’ to influence civil society.

The Central European University in Budapest was founded and bankrolled by the Jewish billionaire, and has attempted to exert its influence against Viktor Orbán’s popular government in loosely veiled retaliation for recent legal measures against the university.

In recent months Hungary has seen protests by students carrying the Soros message against the potential closure of the university, with some fearing that this could be the beginning of another ‘colour revolution’.

Soros’ Open Society organisation has also worked tirelessly behind the scenes against the Hungarian government’s opposition to illegal immigration, despite the fact that 98.5% of Hungarians rejected illegal migrant quotas in a referendum just last year.

Yet despite the validity of the Hungarian government’s complaints against George Soros, it is apparently antisemitic to speak out.

Hungary’s largest Jewish organisation Mazsihisz has also called for the government to end its campaign, also on the basis that it is ‘antisemitic’.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry responded to these most recent protestations in a courteous way, but also with a subtext that presents the hypocrisy of Israeli government officials.

“Just like Israel, Hungary too takes steps against anyone who represents a risk to the national security of the country and its citizens,” it said in a statement.

The claim that criticism of a subversive, arrogant aristocrat is somehow antisemitic is of course ludicrous. Would one be taken seriously for arguing that criticism of a gentile for the same behaviour is in some way anti-goy?

This double standard is a shackle that plagues the philosophies of many a European leader, who believe that they must apply such restricting standards to themselves alone.

However, thus far the Hungarian government have proven themselves to be able to break with this guilt complex convention, so we say with fervent enthusiasm that they should face down this latest faux outcry in the same manner.

For it is not only a right to criticise the influence of Mr Soros. Rather, it is the duty of every upstanding European to shout it from the rooftops until we have removed such influences from our ranks!

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