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The Coming Change: Demographics of the Future


It is no secret that birth rates across the Western world are low, below replacement to be precise. Historically, countries with birth rates below 1.50 never recovered. We must fix this if we expect to have a future, and not with anyone other than ourselves. This change cannot be ignored.

Denmark – 1.69

Belgium – 1.74

Germany – 1.50

Greece – 1.30

Italy – 1.37

United Kingdom – 1.81

White mother with child, change


It has long been a point that the Left and the globalists have used to demoralize us Europeans and make us believe that we need immigration from countries other than our own to fix the ‘demographic problem‘. They have used this seemingly innocent argument that immigrants from Africa and the Middle-East have higher birth rates, ergo, we need to bring them to Europe to offset our population decline.

This is what the the UN calls ‘replacement migration‘; the wording of that document by itself is troubling, let alone it’s implications. Replacement means the replacement of native Europeans with foreigners from the third world. Instead of simply fixing the fertility rates ourselves, by encouraging it, as Viktor Orban is doing in Hungary. This is just one way, if we put our minds to it we could turn our population decline around in less than 5 years.

The MSM is hard at work everyday convincing people that a shared European culture doesn’t exist and that anyone can be German or French or British. Needless to say that this is all blatant propaganda intended to make Europeans think that it is fine if their countries become unrecognisable in three decades because they never even existed in the first place!

All of this is preparing Europeans for the future. A future in which they are a minority not just in the world, but in their own homelands.

Change of Africa

Change of Africa

In the 1950s, the population of Africa was around 220 million. As of 2016 that number stands at 1.216 billion. In 2050 Africa will have a population of 2.5 billion people. One in four people in the world will be African at that point. All those people will want to move to more developed regions of the world, namely the West.

Unlike us, the East will have no part in this. China and Japan, just to name a few, do not care about refugees or immigrants, they have their own problems and want nothing to do with the problems of others. “Fix it yourself” they say, as should we.

This is a planned and coordinated effort. Never before in history has this been seen. The problem we Europeans face is a hostile political class and the MSM lying to us at every turn that we’re guilty of things that every other peoples did too, but that somehow we have a unique responsibility to fix it all by going extinct. Our compassion towards people other than our own is a strength when we ourselves are strong and have a solid sense of who we are. But in this current time our compassion towards all is our Achilles’ Heel. We must put our own people first. Only then can we expect to work together with other peoples.

Our Great Replacement series will give you more in depth information about everything that is happening to Europa and the West. Know this, we have a right to exist, and we have given the world much. It’s time we focus on ourselves first and foremost.

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