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The Colonisation Of England’s Second City

The changing face (colonisation) of Great Britain, which is a part of The Great Replacement™ taking place across Europe, has for some time been a major talking point of our politics. Beginning with Enoch Powell in 1968 and continuing to this day, the issues of immigration, integration and race relations have been the most widely spoken about of all, mainly in the context of “we want less of it”. Of course, the opinions of the majority have been ignored on this matter forthe best part of seven decades, so now we see whole boroughs, towns and even cities changed beyond recognition, no longer the beautiful British areas that generations before us got to enjoy.

Birmingham, situated in the Midlands of England, is now one of the most ‘diverse’ cities in Europe thanks to the mass influx of foreigners over the years since the second world war. It is a city that very accurately demonstrates the phenomenon of White Flight™ as indigenous British folk have been forced out of the areas they once thrived in. This can be demonstrated by the images below, showing a map of Birmingham shaded to highlight population centres of different racial groups:

(In the following order from left to right: White British, General Asian, Black, Pakistani Asian).

For those who are not familiar with the map of Birmingham, what these heat maps are showing is that Britons no longer live in the city centre where they previously had, but have fled to the outskirts to more rural areas. The areas of the city centre vacated by Britons have been filled by immigrant communities from the third world. Of course, it didn’t quite happen in that order with non-white immigrants moving into newly vacated land. No, it has been a process whereby the immigrants congregate densely in one area of the city to the point at which native Britons no longer feel comfortable and one-by-one, they are pushed out.

This change has occurred over a very short space of time. Unfortunately, pre-2001 data for the ethnic make up of the city is not available, but just by comparing the census results of 2001 to 2011, the pace at which this change has occurred becomes apparent.

In 2001, White British folk made up 65.64% of the population of the Greater Birmingham area, which rises to 70.35% white in total if you include the roughly 3% Irish and 2% other European populous. Just ten years later in 2011, the White British population of the city has dropped just 53.14%, rising only to 57.93% total white when including the other aforementioned white groups. In real terms, the White British population of Birmingham has fallen from 641,000 to 570,000 over that period, whilst the Irish population has also fallen. However, thanks to increased immigration, the other European white population has risen by 50%.

On the other hand, the Asian population of Birmingham has increased by almost 100,000 to 285,000 in 2011, with Pakistanis accounting for almost 50% of this increase. The black population has increased by 39% to just under 100,000 over the 10 years from 2001 to 2011, with Africans accounting for over two thirds of this increase, whilst the number of mixed race people living in the city has almost doubled. It is fair to say that a large part of this increase in non-white people living in Birmingham is the continuing suicidal immigration policies of the past. However, it is the fertility rate of those immigrants that were here prior to 2001 that probably make up the greater part of this increase.

Birmingham is officially the youngest city in Europe (46% aged 30 or under), but this is not down to young folk moving their for its nightlife or a baby-boom amongst British families. No, this is purely down to the ridiculously high birth rates amongst the immigrant communities. This can be evidenced by school-age figures that have been released, which show that only 31% of schoolchildren in Birmingham are white with the rest coming from non-white backgrounds, yet only a quarter of these were born outside of the UK suggesting that the fertility rate is booming amongst the immigrant communities. The White Flight™ theory can be further evidenced by the fact that 22 schools in the city do not have a single white pupil.

If ever a city proves that ‘diversity’ is a myth and a false God, it’s Birmingham. Whole boroughs surrounding the city centre have effectively been ghettoised by the non-white immigrant communities, such as Sparkbrook who’s non-white contingent accounts for 78% of the borough’s population. Similarly, Nechells near which the famous Birmingham City football ground is situated has a non-white population of 73%, whilst 80% of Soho’s residents are not White British. These areas are not diverse, they are homogeneously brown.

There are major British cities such as Luton, Leicester and Slough that are already majority non-white British and Birmingham is predicted to become another to that growing list by 2020. The capital, London, is already made up of less than 45% white British and now another major city is set to fall within 3 years. This is very alarming and is evidence of the continuing displacement of white people in their native lands, a pattern repeated in cities across the United Kingdom, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, America, Australia and many, many more. This brings increased crime and greatly reduced social cohesion , simple facts of ‘ethnically diverse’ societies.

The great Enoch Powell, one of the first to identify this problem when he was an MP for Wolverhampton South West (Greater Birmingham), made a speech in which he quoted one of his Birmingham constituents who had told him they weren’t happy with what was happening to their city as a result of mass immigration. He warned that in future, we would not recognise our own communities, we would not be able to get hospital beds for overcrowded-ness and we would come to feel like second class citizens in our own lands. We didn’t listen then, but the state of Birmingham today should make people realise that they really should have.

It is time that we all became aware that we are not fighting an invasion, we are dealing with an occupation.

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