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Calais Migrants are ‘Gassing’ European Truck Drivers

Calais' Illegal Migrants

Several lorry drivers who were using the rest-stops in Baralle – just south of Calais – reported waking up to smashed windows and stolen possessions.

A 37-yr-old driver stated that he had been inside his secure sleeper cabin, but had woken to find that his trousers and wallet were missing, on further inspection, he found that the door had been smashed to force entry to the cab.

When asked if he had heard any attempts to gain entry to the cab, the driver told journalists that when he woke up he felt ‘completely disorientated’and had an extremely bad headache, as if he had been drugged.

Local police believe that a gang is ‘gassing’ the truck drivers as they sleep, by inserting small tubes through gaps and pumping gas into the cabin to ‘knock out’ the occupant.

Another driver reported being robbed of £300 as he slept, but when he tried to search for his wallet in the morning he collapsed and was vomited due to the side-effects of the gas.

This comes after the French authorities finally cleared the infamous Calais ‘Jungle’ camp, which some 10,000 illegal immigrants were using as a base from which to launch attempts to illegally enter the UK.

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Far from stopping the assaults on truck drivers, the problems have simply spread to other areas outside of Calais and the rest-stops are now no longer as safe as they once were. Since 2015, drivers and authorities have warned of the rising violence levels of the illegal criminal immigrants in the area.

Earlier this year, frightened drivers described being threatened at knife-point, beaten with baseball bats and having their trailers slashed as aggressive migrants try to stowaway.

The Front National (FN) has called for the detention and deportation of the migrants, as French citizens in and around Calais have been terrorised by their nefarious activities for more than a decade.

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