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Brussels: Hundreds Injured and Arrested as Violent Rioting Becomes the Norm


There are a number of towns and cities in Europe which stand out as being the places that are feeling the effects of Europe’s migrant crisis the most. Molenbeek, one of 19 municipalities in Brussels, is known as Europe’s Jihadi central. Calais, France, has been overrun by migrant camps and homeless “refugees”, and we only have to look as far as cities like Malmö, London and Frankfurt to see the devastating demographic effects of The Great Replacement.

Back to Belgium though, as it appears that Brussels’ non-native population has developed a new trend of carrying out violent, mass-scale riots. Last month alone, it was reported that there were three separate, major-scale outbreaks of rioting and looting in Brussels.

Firstly, following Morocco’s qualification to the FIFA World Cup, between 300-500 “foreign looking youths” (I don’t think we’d be too far out if we assumed they were mainly Moroccan) celebrated the good news by looting dozens of shops, setting cars and buildings on fire and injuring 22 police officers.



Secondly, only three days after the first riots, social-media rap music star, Vargasss 92, organised another unauthorised celebration in Brussels which quickly descended into further riots. Again, shops were looted and innocent people were assaulted. 30 people were arrested and detained and a number of police officers were injured.



Thirdly, on November 25th, the authorities in charge of the City of Brussels decided to organise a demonstration to protest against the recent news reports of slavery in Libya. Again, the event descended into rioting and looting. Shops were destroyed, cars were set on fire and 71 people were arrested and detained.

The above, perhaps not surprisingly, is having a huge effect on police resources. Let’s not forget that there is already an ongoing heavily-armed military presence in the streets of Brussels following the March 2016 Brussels terror attack which left 32 people dead and 340 people injured (62 seriously injured).

The police in Brussels are feeling helpless in their wish to act against the rioters. On the night of the first riot in Brussels, taxpayer-funded MRAX (Mouvement Contre le Racisme, L’antisémitisme et la Xénophobie) published a post on their Facebook page appealing to readers to report any cases of “police provocation” or “police violence”. This resulted in, perhaps through fear of persecution, the police failing to arrest a single person that night despite the fact that property was destroyed and a number of people (including 22 police officers) were injured.



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