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Brexit: Traitor Tories Betray The People… Again!

Tories betray the people on Brexit, AGAIN

Theresa May’s Brexit strategy was severely hamstrung last night, after 11 rebel MPs from her own party defied the government whip and voted in favour of an amendment to proceedings instigated by our very noisy fifth column.

The law, which permits the remain-majority parliament the right to essentially strike down any deal tabled at the end of proceedings, was introduced by a “progressive alliance” of Labour (Communist), Liberal Democrat, Scottish National and Green Party opposition MPs. Its essential mechanism? Offering parliament a chance to veto Brexit at the 11th hour.

It was introduced in response to calls for a ‘meaningful vote’ in parliament on the final deal.

Hostile remain MPs claim that this amendment will ensure the sovereignty of parliament, just as the Brexit advocates demanded during the referendum campaign. The only problem with their logic is that the people have already spoken on this issue. The very nature of a referendum is that parliament, and by extension the executive, delegates the debate and decision to the people.

Yet the fifth column rogue parliament has taken it upon itself to insult the British people yet further, by their insinuation that the debate and decision must be had and made all over again. Obviously, the people are too stupid to make such a decision without the intellectual guidance of Labour’s teen-mum-filled opposition benches.

One expects such treachery from the likes of Corbyn’s Communists, and of course the Europhile Liberal Democrats, but the Tory traitors involved in this pernicious collusion is a disappointment to behold.

The usual suspects were present; Nicky Morgan, Anna “drink your bar dry” Soubry and Ken Clarke, the veteran Tory MP who once admitted he looked forward to the day Westminster was a mere council chamber in a United Europe. The remaining conspirators were Dominic Grieve, Heidi Allen, Jonathan Djanogly, Stephen Hammond, Sir Oliver Heald, Bob Neill, Antoinette Sandbach, and Sarah Wollaston.

The government lost the vote by 309-305, a narrow margin of 4.

One wonders why the Tory traitors simply do not cross the house and settle themselves down in the yellow Liberal benches? With the government’s majority being as small as it is at present, these traitors have done more to help the opposition than their own party in their entire careers.

There is also a fear that they’ve strengthened the hand of Corbyn’s communists, who will be newly emboldened in their quest for power after this dramatic weakening of the government’s position.

And to add further frown lines to Mrs May’s increasingly crowded forehead, she now has to contend with such humiliation in Brussels. Messrs Verhofstadt and Juncker will see this as a huge victory in their quest to keep Great Britain trapped within the European Union’s dark web.


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