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Brexit Causes Net Migration to Plummet


Net migration has fallen to the lowest level in three years in the wake of the Brexit referendum, with the current annual figure standing at 246,000 per year. This is down by 81,000 since the last time this data was recorded. This drop has mostly been caused by those of mainland European descent returning to their home countries as a result of perceived anti-immigrant attitudes as a consequence of us taking the decision to put power back into our own hands by voting for Brexit.

However, do not be too excited. Net migration is the total amount of people entering the country minus those who have left. When we look at the gross migration, the figure stands at around 600,000. Per year. Now bear in mind that these immigrants are primarily of non-European descent, and the fact that more and more white Britons are abandoning their homeland and taking up residence elsewhere. The situation is much worse than the net migration data shows.

What needs to happen is this: all people of non-British descent must be barred from entering the nation. After that, immigrants and those of non-British descent need to consider leaving Britain, and applying their skills in their ancestral homes. It’s a win-win situation. Our culture, people, and way of life remain preserved, and the countries of origin for these immigrants benefit from their skills. Brexit is the first step in this grand plan, but that does not mean we cannot look forward to what is to come.

However, a self-imposed exodus of all non-Britons is incredibly unlikely in the foreseeable future. The best case scenario in the short term is for net migration to continue to drop – the same with gross migration. The government has declared their intent to cut net migration to “the tens of thousands”. Will they follow through and deliver further? Can we trust a ‘remainer’ Prime Minister from a party with… certain links? Or will the migration rate increase? We must remain vigilant and call out the government when it acts against our goals.

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