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Brexit Campaigners Draft New Plan To Slash Net Migration

Ian Duncan Smith seeks to cut net migration to pre-Blair levels.

With all the recent backsliding on Brexit, it can be hard to believe that we voted to leave the European Union less than 18 months ago, at the time of writing. It seems that the only thing happening is a determined bloc of career politicians doing their best to slow down Brexit, to block commitment to leaving the EU (behind paywall). However, we should consider that the mainstream media wants to demoralize us – no matter what side of the debate they fall on, discontent drives readership.

In reality, we’re making progress! The prominent pro-Brexit campaign group, Leave Means Leave, has put forward plans to ministers, declaring that net migration should be slashed down to the mid-90s levels of 50,000-80,000 per year, the levels enjoyed before the pro-replacement neoliberal Blair government. This is a drastic switch from the current trends, which show only a slight decrease. These plans have received the backing of former Tory party leader, Ian Duncan Smith, lending legitimacy to the proposal.

While it remains to be seen if these ambitious actually pass through the pipeline of government, it is reassuring to see Brexiteer politicians push through with the agenda backed by a majority of voters in the closely-fought 2016 referendum. It’s no secret that many people have been fighting a battle to slow the Brexit process, or even reverse it entirely. This would consign us to being a mere province of the banker-led European superstate, a status that doesn’t fit with our proud history.

We at Defend Europa unequivocally support any and all efforts to reduce the levels of immigration into Britain, and into Europe as a whole. This decrease in net migration will be a welcome change to the government’s current policies, which amount to ethnic suicide.

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