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Bomb Found In Oslo, Asylum Seeker With ‘Islamist Sympathies’ Arrested

Bomb Found In Oslo

In the early hours of Sunday morning (9th April), Norwegian police destroyed a suspected bomb with a controlled detonation.

Bars and restaurants were evacuated in the Gronland district of the capital Oslo whilst police investigated and removed the device.

A suspect has been arrested on suspicion of handling explosives, and chief prosecutor Signe Aaling has revealed that the man being held is a 17 year old asylum seeker from Russia who was already known to security services.

The head of Norway’s PST security service, Benedicte Bjornland, revealed that the suspect came to Norway with his family in 2010, whilst also alleging that he is involved in ‘extreme Islamist circles’ in the country.

Tensions are running high in Scandinavia after the terror attack committed by a failed asylum seeker on Saturday, which saw 4 dead after a truck was deliberately driven into pedestrians in a busy Stockholm shopping centre. A bomb-like device was also found on that occasion.

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