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Black Judge Refuses to Jail or Deport Somali Illegal

Black judge allows Somali illegals to walk free

Black Judge Patricia Lynch has refused to jail a Somali couple, despite them being in breach of multiple serious immigration laws, offences that usually incur a mandatory prison term.

Barwaaqo Ahmed, a Somali immigrant who cannot speak English, flew to the UK from Hamburg, Germany in April 2015 using somebody else’s passport. Her husband, Saeed Osman Hersi who is also 43 and from Somalia, aided her criminal activities but was also spared any real punishment.

The judge made the ridiculous decision not to jail the pair on the grounds of “extraordinary circumstances“, referring to them as ‘otherwise perfectly decent and law-abiding people who have proved themselves to be hard workers and good citizens’.

How one can be a criminal and a ‘decent, law-abiding citizen’ at the same time must be knowledge that mere mortals can only dream of acquiring, that only minority bar students are privy to. Of course, this propagation of antithesis has nothing to do with the fact that Judge Lynch is of African descent. Nothing whatsoever…

Black judge goes soft on Somali illegals

Not only did Judge Lynch overlook the seriousness of the offences and totally ignore the sentencing guidelines, she also failed to pick up on the blatantly cynical move by Ahmed to get pregnant almost immediately upon landing in England. This is a common ploy by illegal immigrants as it offers them a degree of protection under the European Union “right to family life” rule – an aspect of human rights legislation that immigrants frequently use against European countries in order to import their entire extended families from India or Pakistan and the like.

Legal nuances aside, it is hard to see any validity in the claim that these are extenuating circumstances. Notwithstanding the fact that this is clearly just another case of illegal immigrant swindlers trying to play the system, there is no discernible evidence that English society is best served by keeping these people here.

Hersi demonstrated his worth as a man by using his British citizenship – obtained in 2000 – to flee Somalia in 2013 without his wife and the two young children – both Somali-born – they had at the time. Is he economically active? Who knows. Is Ahmed economically active? Definitely not. She can’t even be bothered to learn English – which, by the way, has cost the British taxpayer thousands of pounds for court interpreters.

Judge Lynch demonstrated just how impartial she can be last year, when she launched an expletive-laden attack on a British man in court for “racism”, calling him a ‘c**t’. Miraculously, she was cleared of any misconduct following an investigation by the Judicial Conduct Investigation Office.

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