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Beware, The Very Noisy Minority: #PeoplesMarch4EU

Noisy Minority

A few thousand of the noisy minority have descended on the British capital today to demonstrate their opposition to Britain’s EU-exit process. The pro-EU fanatics, bussed in from the length and breadth of the country, could only muster a few thousand people to come out on the streets, which marks a very tangible decline in the number of people who are committed to preventing Britain leaving the European Union. Previous marches, particularly in the immediate aftermath of the referendum, saw tens of thousands of liberals, leftists and other assorted degenerates flock to London to be eternally outraged.

Despite their dwindling numbers, the Europhile press is rallying round this core group of hardcore EU supporters in an attempt to influence wider civil society. The television media is, predictably, following suit. At least on this occasion they have more than the grand total of 4 protesters they managed to find outside parliament on the day the Brexit legislation was being debated, enabling them to offer some verisimilitude to their presenting despite the foundation of deceit its based upon.

Truthfully, incidents such as this present some serious problems to those committed to Britain’s exit from the European Union – which, by the way, is a clear majority of the British people. The issue is that the minority who staunchly oppose Brexit in any form do so noisily, fanatically and have the support of some seriously powerful institutions. One only has to think of the opposition to Brexit coming from the merchant banks and the FTSE 100 companies to realise that the appetite for preventing Brexit will potentially be fuelled by the influential and the super-rich.

With this big money and influence, coupled with the media’s willingness to deliver the message, is the primary way in which Britain’s EU-exit process could be derailed. It is often said that civil disobedience and mass protest have the power to bring down a government, but the real power lies with those who finance the outrage and those who fan its flames and give it the platform it requires.

This current Conservative government, whilst committed to Brexit – and refreshingly, a tough new immigration policy – is holding onto a precarious position as it is. Theresa May’s party is short of a majority in the House of Commons, with her government being effectively propped up by the Democratic Unionist Party. The plethora of problems this could potentially pose to Brexit are not difficult to imagine, and it would only take a gentle push for this government to come crashing down, allowing a soft, Marxist “progressive coalition” to take power and eradicate even the faintest possibility of Brexit happening.

The big money and media might behind the opposition therefore must not be underestimated. Whilst it is an unexciting prospect for any serious nationalist to cheer for Theresa May’s centrists, allowing this government to fall would be tantamount to conceding our short to medium term aims entirely. Heed the warning; enjoy complacency at your peril. The job is far from over.

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