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Barcelona attack key suspect Moussa Oukabir confirmed dead

Barcelona attack key suspect Moussa Oukabir confirmed dead


The key suspect in Thursday’s Barcelona attack, Moussa Oukabir, has been named as one of five men killed by police in the other attack site, Cambrils.

Police in Barcelona had earlier said they were searching for Oukabir and three other men, but only one remains unaccounted for. Four suspects have been arrested.

Thirteen people were killed when a van, said to be rented by Oukabir, rammed crowds in Ramblas district.

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Police say the suspects had been planning more sophisticated attacks.

They said blasts on Wednesday in Alcanar, a town south of Barcelona, deprived plotters of bomb material so they carried out simpler attacks using vehicles.

Moussa Oukabir, thought to be 17, is a Spanish citizen from the northern Catalan city of Girona. Most of the other suspects were Moroccan.

He is suspected of using his brother’s documents to rent the van used in the Barcelona attack.

Later the same night police shot dead five attackers including Oukabir in the nearby town of Cambrils after they drove a car into pedestrians killing one woman and injuring six others.


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