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Austrian Parliament Confirms Integration Measures

Austrian Parliament

In the latest attempt to pacify concerns about the multicultural agenda, the Austrian parliament last night rubber-stamped a raft of proposals aimed at better integrating migrants into society, as opposed to allowing them to keep some of their more alien practises. The new laws, supported by both the governing SPÖ (Social Democrats, centre-left) and ÖVP (People’s Party, centre-right) parties, will come into effect in October of this year.

The most notable aspect of this legislation is the ban on wearing a full-face veil (burka) in public. Under the new law, women who wear the burka in public will be liable for a fine of €150 (£129).

Many will argue that this is simply a token gesture, and that the real damage has been done by allowing these third world migrants to settle in Austria in the first place. In any case, it is unclear how many of the “new Austrians” this law will actually affect, as many of them come from Africa, where the wearing of the burka is rare anyway.

Austrian Parliament proposed the burka ban back in February of this year.

In addition to the measures regarding full-face veils, the legislation also compels those “asylum seekers” (migrants) who have a high likelihood of being allowed to stay in Austria to attend a 12-month integration course. These would act as an introduction to Austrian society, where migrants would be expected to learn German. As well as language skills, the integration schools will teach migrants about the customs and social norms of Austria, as well as assisting them in preparation for the country’s labour market.

Migrants who fail to take part in the aforementioned courses are liable for a reduction in social welfare. Whether or not this law will be actively enforced in practise in another matter, for it is fair to say that Marxism has infested the civil service of the majority of European nations, causing the education and social security sectors to take a relatively soft approach to migrants in comparison to A. how they treat native Europeans, and B. how laws such as these are intended to be enforced.

Finally, in a move that will prove popular with many on the centre-right of Austrian politics, migrants being paid social security will be compelled to undertake voluntary public work in order to further prepare them for the labour market.

The FPÖ (Freedom Party, nationalist) criticised these latest measures, stating they do not go far enough, whilst the Green Party – predictably – criticised the measures for being too harsh on migrants.

Of course, these laws are a transparent attempt by the ruling globalist parties to desperately claw back votes as a general election looms. As has happened in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, the political parties believe they can make just enough concessions to ordinary people, whilst still furthering their pro-immigrant, globalist agenda.

Unfortunately, whatever measures against alien cultural practises that these politicians take, it will not be enough. They have already made their irreparable mistake in allowing those from the third world to settle in Europe in the first place. The only solution that will enable a positive outcome in the long run is to encourage these “new Austrians” to return to their own lands, whilst sending out a clear message to any of those attempting to migrate here; “No way, you will not make Europe home!”


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