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Austria: Leisure Centre Erects Signs In Attempt To Stop Migrants Raping Natives

Tragedy in Austria

Residents of Perchtoldsdorf, a small market town in lower Austria, received a cultural shock after a local leisure centre put up signs warning visitors about sexual conduct whilst using the facilities.

The crude signs were deemed necessary after migrants demonstrated their inability to respect the opposite sex. For instance, African males seem not to be able to comprehend that they are not entitled to simply waltz into the female changing rooms.

Many African males also seem to require instruction to inform them that they aren’t entitled to grope Austrian women.

Since the Merkel regime invited the third world to Europe in 2015, Germany and Austria have been amongst the worst affected by the backward primordial desires of the African imports.

In particular, the pool’s management were keen to avoid scenes that have been seen across the country during the summer months; namely, young migrant males raping and groping native women en masse at such facilities.

Austria in particular has suffered some horrific cases of young girls being assaulted in public places. One of the more publicised incidents at a swimming baths occurred last year, when an Iraqi migrant raped a 10-year-old boy.

His defence? “It was a sexual emergency”.

Then there was the particularly brutal gang-rape of a 21-year-old female student near Vienna last year, for which 3 Afghan migrants were jailed.

And who could forget the 8 Iraqi migrants who were found guilty of gang-raping a young German girl in Vienna last year. During the attack, they took ‘selfies’ with the young girl as souvenirs of their ‘conquest’.

These are a small selection of the scores of sex attacks perpetrated by non-European migrants against natives in Austria.

That a leisure centre in a civilised, cultured country like Austria has to put up signs to prevent attacks is indicative of the country’s abject failure to protect its citizens.

Such aggressive, misogynistic attitudes towards women and sex are totally alien to the vast majority of Austrians.


This is not simply a case of poor education or the God these migrants choose to believe in. They are incapable of comprehending the most basic respect for women, especially European women who are becoming the sacrificial lambs of the European Elite.

Will the signs have any affect? Probably not. It is merely symbolic of the state of Europe today.

For how much longer can such a ridiculous state of affairs persist on our continent?


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