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Austria: Elderly Couple Brutally Murdered By Tunisian Migrant In Politically Motivated Attack

An elderly couple have been murdered by a Tunisian migrant

An elderly couple have been murdered in Linz, Upper Austria, in what is believed to have been a politically motivated attack.

The perpetrator, a Tunisian migrant who has lived in Austria since 1989, chose the couple as his victims for their supposed association with Austria’s premier nationalist movement, the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria).

The director of the Upper Austria National Police said in an off-the-record conversation that the Tunisian man had projected his failures in life onto the party, blaming them for his bad luck.

The animosity toward the party began in 2012, after the 54-year-old Muslim man received a sentence for animal cruelty. His crimes were uncovered after a tip off from a local FPÖ party official.

He subsequently blamed more trivial things on the party, such as his poor job prospects and his welfare payments being cut.

According to current police investigations, the suspect had delivered groceries to the elderly couple on a number of occasions as part of his job. On the fateful day of the murders, he hid a knife, a belt, a heavy wooden object and a gas canister amongst the delivery boxes.

The murder was particularly brutal, with the woman strangled and the man stabbed and beaten to death. The suspect then set fire to the kitchen with the bodies inside, in an apparent attempt to conceal his crime.

The bodies were later discovered as part of the firefighting operation.

This is of course not the first nor the last horrific crime to be committed by a migrant in Austria. Week after week, reports come in of rapes and other serious crimes being committed by the “New Europeans”, who are mostly those who arrived in the country from 2015 onward.

This latest attack serves as further bitter vindication that the FPÖ’s core message in regards to immigration is in fact correct.

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