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Small Victory: Austria’s Burqa Ban Comes Into Force On 1st October

Austria's Burqa Ban Takes Effect Next Week

Austria’s new “integration law” comes into force on 1st October, which will result in a €150.00 fine for women found wearing the Burqa in public.

The legislation, which also includes measures to compel migrants to integrate into Austrian society, was passed back in May of this year despite vehement opposition from Muslim and Jewish groups. The new law will empower the police to ask Muslims to remove the offending article or face arrest and an arbitrary fine.

In anticipation of the law taking effect next week, the Austrian Interior Ministry has produced leaflets advising people they could be affected.

“Please be aware that in any case you must uncover your face on the spot when asked to,” said the leaflet. It follows by providing a warning that those who refuse to uncover their face on request will be punished.

Austria is the latest European country to impose restrictions on full face veils, after France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway all passed similar laws in recent years. The German government has also drafted legislation that will ban Islamic veils for those working in the civil service, judiciary and military.

Sadly, many countries such as Sweden, Great Britain and Ireland are lagging far behind on this issue. Their governments are holding steadfastly to the narrative that it is “a woman’s right to wear whatever she likes” – regardless of how alien to the host culture those garments may be.

Not having Europe-wide uniformity on this issue poses potential problems; many Muslim migrants seeking to ‘escape’ Burka restrictions have already moved to the aforementioned misguided countries in order to persist in their anti-integration lifestyle.

Of course, such legislation should not even be necessary in Europe. There is no religion native to Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, England, Ireland or any other North-Western European nation that requires women to be subjugated in this way.

This is just another example of how the importation of third world Muslim migrants has caused political and social issues in Europe.

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